Hanna Sise - 2014 Program Participant

Student Interns in Dublin Ireland

Enjoying a bit of sun while interning in Dublin.

Why did you decide to intern abroad?

Interning abroad had always been a dream of mine. I wanted to experience other cultures and other ways of life. I wanted (and still want to) see the world and experience other places. Interning abroad allowed me to do that.

Why did you choose Stint Ireland specifically?

I knew I wanted to do my internship in Dublin, and Stint Ireland specializes in internships in Dublin. I felt like they could give me the best experience out of any other program- and they did. 

What makes the program you participated in unique?

The entire experience! The whole thing was catered to me, to what I was interested in, and what I wanted to do. The staff at Stint was so helpful and caring, and always made sure we were well taken care of. 

What is the best thing about Stint Ireland that future participants should know?

Your internship program is designed and catered to you. If you have any problems with the internship you can let the staff know, and they will help you. You are not stuck at a bad internship. 

Students at a pub in Dublin, Ireland

Out for Drinks with friends in Dublin.

What was your favorite part about the internship program?

My favorite part about the internship program was the living arrangement. I lived with six other girls I had never met before and instantly became lifelong friends with them. If you have the opportunity to live with a bunch of people you have never met before, do it!

What's one thing you would have done differently?

I would have brought more money! Dublin is expensive! 

Walk us through a typical day in your program.

Walk to work on South William Street (the best street in all of Dublin’s city center), eat lunch on St. Stephens Green with my roommate, walk around the city center after work, head home and cook dinner, get ready and head out to Whelans Pub or the Bernard Shaw for pints!

How was it transitioning to life in a different country?

The first week or two were a little bit difficult, but once I started making friends and learning my way around the city I felt right at home. 

Visiting mountains in Ireland

Exploring Ireland’s countryside.

How has your internship abroad changed your life?

Interning abroad has forever changed my life. I don’t have such a narrow view of the world. I have gotten to see and experience things that most people never will be able to. Not only did interning abroad do wonders for my CV, but it did even more for me as a person. I am more independent and confident, and now plan on moving abroad after graduation.