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Emori Medeiros - Student Coordinator

Emori Medeiros - Student Coordinator

Emori took The Language House TEFL course in April 2014. After completing the course she stayed in Prague for one and a half years, teaching English to adults, working as a student observer at TLH, and traveling as much as possible. She is now the Student Coordinator for TLH, conducting all phone calls with applicants. She has had an unforgettable experience living and teaching abroad, and recommends it to anyone interested.

As a Language House TEFL (TLH TEFL) alumni yourself, what do you think makes TLH TEFL courses unique?

I can’t talk enough about what makes The Language House (TLH) unique. Not only does TLH fully prepare students to teach English as a foreign language, but the school provides SO much support including visa assistance, job assistance worldwide, housing assistance, alumni discount perks, and most importantly a community of graduates. Having a community of graduates when living in a foreign country is extremely important. TLH has graduates all over the world and over 250 graduates in Prague alone. We constantly have alumni events, parties, and traveling excursions for our graduates. Our community is truly what sets us apart from other TEFL courses.

Rafting in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
TLH alumni rafting trip in Cesky Krumlov

How did TLH support you after you completed your TEFL certification?

The support continued long after I completed the TLH course. Alumni are welcome at the school anytime to use the school’s materials, printers, scanners, computers, etc, which I did often. TLH also has an in-house visa company that was created solely to help our students and graduates of the course. They helped me get legal by the time my 90-day tourist visa expired. They also helped my course get our permanent transportation passes. TLH helped us all find jobs in any way they could. They would post available jobs to our Facebook group, they sent us links to the best websites to find jobs, and they helped us all obtain private students once we graduated. When I told the owner of TLH which schools I had applied for, he reached out to those schools directly to recommend me. TLH goes above and beyond. Finally, I was apart of the TLH Alumni community. Being a part of such a supportive and fun community was the best support I could have asked for.

What inspired you to join The Language House TEFL on a deeper level?

My passion for the school. I believe wholeheartedly in TLH and everything they do for their students and alumni. I was terrified to move abroad to a country I knew nothing about and to a city in which I knew no one. TLH helped with EVERYTHING. I can’t think of a better way to help people start this incredible journey through TLH.

Girl in front of Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy
Emori on her solo backpacking trip in Florence, Italy

What does a typical day of work look like for you?

I taught primarily adults while teaching in Prague. I worked for two language schools that would send me to people’s businesses to teach one-to-one or small group lessons. I normally taught two to four lessons in the morning and afternoon every day. I was also a student teacher observer at TLH in the evenings Monday to Thursday. I had a few private lessons that I taught in the evenings and on Fridays when I had a slower schedule.

How do you use your teaching experience in Prague in your current role?

I gained a lot from teaching for one and a half years in Prague. I feel way more confident talking to small and large groups of people, which I do often in my current position. I am more aware of my communication, how fast I am speaking, how clear I am speaking, etc. These are important skills in my current role and in daily life in general.

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany with friends from TLH

What is the most valuable tool, resource, or skill that you gained through TLH that you found yourself using in the classroom?

TLH taught me the difference between Teacher Talking Time (TTT) and Student Talking Time (STT). As an ESL teacher abroad, the goal is for your students to be speaking as much as possible. TLH taught me how to ensure that happened. This is irreplaceable knowledge.

What is your best piece of advice for individuals contemplating TEFL certification?

Do it! You won’t regret it. Is it scary? Yes, but it is so worth it!

What you gain from getting TEFL certified, living abroad, and teaching abroad is something no other experience can give.
Two friends in the Azore Islands, Portugal
Emori and Meghan in the Azore Islands in Portugal

Why do you enjoy working for TLH?

I love helping applicants decide if taking the TLH course is the best choice for them. I love being able to mentor and tell them about my journey abroad to help put them at ease. I enjoy answering the huge questions and the minescule questions. I love being “the voice” of TLH.