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David Lloyd - Co-Founder & Managing Director

David Lloyd - Co-Founder & Managing Director

A British national, David studied at the London School of Economics. He previously lived in Argentina, where he completed an internship at Rolex, perfected his Spanish, and fell in love with the continent. Before setting up The Intern Group, David was a fixed income salesman on the Iberian desk for Merrill Lynch in London.

What was your inspiration for establishing The Intern Group? How did your own experience interning abroad impact the development of the organization?

The inspiration was my own time in Argentina. I had gone to Argentina to gain international work experience, to learn another language, and to immerse myself in another culture. I had a wonderful experience overall, but it could have been a lot better. I could have saved myself A LOT of problems and hassle going with an organization like The Intern Group.

Why? I spent months and months trying to find a suitable internship. I probably sent over 100 emails to companies, but hardly anyone even bothered responding. I spent a long time finding suitable accommodation. And, finally, it took me a great deal of time to make a network of friends.

The Intern Group provides the same wonderful experience I had, but delivers everything hassle-free, so you can focus on making the most of your experience.

The Intern Group London team with founder David Lloyd

With the London team

Why do you think international internships are valuable for all young people and budding professionals?

Internships are crucial, as they allow you to test drive an industry and make sure the one you think you like is in fact one you want to commit years of your professional life to. International internships are a notch above. Gaining first-class experience in an exciting global city, and developing the cultural sensitivity that comes with this, makes your resume stand out dramatically.

What do you think makes interning abroad with The Intern Group unique?

In each program destination we have a passionate, full-time team of internship experts who both know their cities extremely well and crucially hold strong relationships with host companies. This local expertise means we can really achieve our twin-aim of providing you with accelerated professional development and cultural immersion.

I would say our team, university partnerships, press coverage, and overall track record are unique in terms of quality in the industry. I believe we offer the best all-round program, and we will continuously strive to keep improving it.

The Intern Group Colombia team with founder David Lloyd

With the Colombia team

How do you integrate language learning into your internship programs?

In our Spain, Colombia, and Hong Kong programs, participants have the option to include tailored language classes at leading local universities/institutions in our program.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in the evolution of The Intern Group?

I am most proud of having grown The Intern Group without any investors. We have grown purely based off the strength of our programs, and the strong word of mouth engendered from providing great experiences for our alumni. While financially it was a real struggle at first, now our financial situation is stable, and not having outside investors means we can focus first and foremost on making sure our programs provide the best experience possible for our participants. We don't have to compromise our values.

If you could participate in an internship at one of your locations, which one would you choose and why?

I would choose our Colombian location. I have always been fascinated by Latin American culture so it would be the obvious choice for me. Beautiful country, check. Rapidly expanding, exciting economy, check. Latin culture, check. That's my pick!

The Intern Group Management Team

Company Management Off-site

What is the most rewarding part about your career?

The most rewarding part is seeing our participants have a great experience on our program, and seeing our alumni enjoy strong career success.

Where do you see The Intern Group in five years?

I see us as indisputably the number one worldwide provider of international internship programs. We will offer our programs in exciting new destinations and offer first-class opportunities in every inhabited continent, so watch this space!

Did you ever imagine yourself where you are today when you were a fresh grad?

I always wanted to work in an international context, and to do something I really believe in, so The Intern Group ticks both boxes nicely.

The Intern Group London summer interns farewell party

London summer interns farewell party

How do you hope The Intern Group inspires participants in their own lives?

I hope people see The Intern Group as inspiring them to take themselves out of their comfort zone, to believe in themselves, and to make their career dreams come true.