Danielle Adone - 2011 Program Participant

Born and raised in New York and currently working in Brand Marketing Communications at New York Road Runners, Danielle has worked at Cosmopolitan, Men’s Fitness, and Family Circle magazines. In college, she was the Editor in Chief of the campus newspaper, SFC Today. Studying abroad with ISA opened Danielle’s eyes to the world, and specifically to the art of Digital Photography at Florence University of the Arts.

My First Day in Rome at the Colosseum
My First Day in Rome at the Colosseum. Photo credit to Francesca Ambrosino

Why did you choose ISA over other study abroad programs?

When my best friend Francesca and I decided to study abroad, we knew our biggest obstacle would be getting our parents’ approval. We wanted to find a program that would give us the experience we were looking for while allowing our parents to know that we were safe. The application process was a long one but ISA made it so easy to find the right country and program.

What was it like when you arrived in Italy?

When we arrived they welcomed us with open arms, and it was not like we were in a foreign country at all. They gave us the small college feel that we had at home, which made the transition easier from the very first day.

You’re from St. Francis College, what advice would you give to other St. Francis students going to study abroad in Florence? 

The slogan of St. Francis College is "the small college of big dreams." Studying abroad is really scary at first, but trust me - it is the best thing you can do as a college student. We were lucky that St. Francis gave us so many study abroad opportunities to expand our education and more importantly, culture. Sometimes we all get caught up in the NYC way of life, but studying abroad opens up your eyes way beyond the R subway line.

Why was Florence the best place to study abroad in Italy?

Florence was simply an incredible city. The culture and the history were perfect, and not to mention the incredible food. Everything was in walking distance. The nightlife was also perfect for a college age student which was a plus. I traveled to nine cities within Italy during my time there, and each had something that I will forever carry with me, but Florence will forever have my heart.

What was your favorite class and why?

I had the opportunity to take a photography class which, really put a lot into perspective. I have always been that take a picture of every moment kind of friend. But to learn the art of a great photo in one of the greatest cities in the world was a blessing.

How has study abroad impacted your life?

Studying abroad was more than just looking at statues and eating gelato and pasta all day; it was an experience I will remember for my entire life. Traveling broadens your personal horizons and can help in the workplace and in the classroom. The more you see the more you know! I met incredible students from all over the United States and Italy, and I will continue to keep in contact with them.

Since my return home from Italy, I have made a list of all of the places I want to travel to throughout my life. We may live in one of the most incredible cities in the world, but there is so much to see, learn, and experience. If you are provided with the opportunity, take it because you never know when it will come your way again.

Traveling abroad can be frightening, but do not let it stop you. As Dr. Seuss  said, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you will be the guy who'll decide where you'll go. Oh the places you'll go.”