Carolyn Milliman - 2014 Program Participant

What organization and program did you choose to study abroad with?

I chose to study abroad through CAPA International Education and participate in the London Summer Program. 

What made you want to study abroad?

I wanted to study abroad because I wanted to travel to the UK and experience life in a global city and I also wanted to learn what it is like to work in London.

Why did you choose CAPA?

I chose CAPA because the program allows students to take classes and complete an internship at the same time. I also chose CAPA because I wanted to study abroad in the city of London. 

What was interesting about the London Summer program?

The London Summer program was interesting because it allows students to take rigorous courses, participate in an internship with a foreign company or organization, and still have the time to take side trips and travel while abroad. It was mind-boggling to me how organized this program was in terms of everything that I was able to fit in within a period of seven weeks.

What should future participants know about CAPA?

CAPA is really great about finding organizations for internships that match up with each student’s individual needs in terms of work experience. Although no program is flawless, CAPA has a wide network across work areas and tailors the internship search to each student.

What was your favorite part of the summer program?

My favorite part of my program was my internship with an independent film producer. During my internship, I learned how to network with those in the film industry abroad and gained valuable experience and advice from someone who is working in my desired field now.

If you could start over, what would you do differently?

If I could go back I would have gone for a longer program so that I could have spent more time exploring the city.

What was a typical day like with the CAPA London program?

An average day in my program involved getting up at 7 a.m., taking the tube to class from 8 a.m. until noon, and then spending part of the afternoon at my internship across the city. The rest of the day was usually used for exploring.

Was there any culture shock upon arrival in London?

I experienced some culture shock the first couple days of the program but I overcame it by getting to know other students in my program and taking a little time for myself. Overall, I think the culture shock was minimal in London.

How has your experience abroad in London impacted you since returning?

Studying abroad has made me a much more confident person when it comes to communicating with others. This experience put me in a mindset of increased self-reliance and expanded my comfort zone. Now that I have been abroad by myself, I no longer feel afraid of any challenging travel situations and am more prepared to face the world head on. Study abroad has given me the perspective to know where I want to live and what work that I want to do for my career. Study abroad has also made me a more grateful and passionate person.