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Andrew Miller - University Coordinator

Andrew Miller - University Coordinator

Although Andrew is a U.S. citizen, he was born in Norway and before his 18th birthday had moved to Egypt, The Netherlands, the United States, and Australia. Upon graduating college, Andrew found himself traveling the globe once again, moving to South Korea in order to teach English. This was one of his favorite adventures, as he was given the opportunity to live and work overseas, as well as make some of his greatest memories to date.

How did you get connected to Alliance Abroad Group?

I was working in the IT industry and was laid off from my position with a start up company in Austin, Texas. Through job searching I found Alliance Abroad Group looking for an “Aussie expert”. I quickly jumped to the call and wrote an essay on one of my favorite places in Australia, Fraser Island.

Volunteer teacher in South Korea

Andrew with his class in Korea

What exactly does your role as University Coordinator entail on a day-to-day basis?

Our program is a great alternative for students that are looking for something different than a study abroad experience, but most don’t know the option to work abroad exists. So, I reach out to faculty, staff, and students to promote the programs. Often times, I will visit a university and speak with students and young professionals that are interested in working abroad.

You grew up living all over the world, Australia and Korea to name a few, how did that experience impact your life, and did it lead you to your work in the field of international education?

Growing up I was able to attend American schools overseas, as well as Australian schools. Through this, I learned a variety of different curriculums and cultures which led to my fascination in international education. It ultimately led me to a degree in education and to teaching in South Korea. My work with Alliance Abroad Group is an extension of what I have learned, as well as what is to come on the horizon.

Andrew Miller of Alliance Abroad Group at NAFSA with Michael Jackson impersonator

NAFSA with Michael Jackson impersonator

When you’re working to form relationships and affiliations with universities and colleges, what is the most frequently asked question you receive and what is your response?

The most frequently asked question is “how can we promote this to students?” I feel most career counselors are asked about working overseas, but don’t always have an answer. This program allows students to live and work overseas, adding a major cultural aspect to their employment.

What sets Alliance Abroad Group’s programs apart from other intern or work abroad providers in Australia?

The defining factor of our programs is that all of our participants have a job in Australia before we discuss travel plans with them. Instead of arriving to a foreign country with the stress of finding employment, our participants start working roughly three days after arriving.

You’re a recent addition to the Alliance Abroad Group team, what was your first impression, and what makes the organization really stand out?

Alliance Abroad Group is an amazing company. We truly care about cultural exchange and changing the lives of our participants.

If you could participate in an AAG program, which would choose?

I would definitely participate in the Australia program. Australia has an amazing culture and it is so close to so many amazing countries.

Alliance Abroad Group staff at the office

Australia Day in the AAG office

What has been your biggest accomplishment as University Coordinator so far?

My biggest accomplishment as a University Coordinator to date is learning how to speak with students and faculty about the program.

What is your biggest goal for the next year?

My goal is to promote the program as much as possible through conversations with university faculty. Study abroad programs are very popular in universities, but not many students think past studying abroad into the territory of working abroad. This can definitely be a reality, and I want to help as many students as possible live and work abroad!

What is the best part about your job with Alliance Abroad Group?

The best part about my job is that I help amazing and inspirational people work and live in Australia, and I get to see them experience their awesome journey! Traveling is also fun, but my daily conversations and stories truly make this job awesome!