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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Los Angeles

Interning abroad is an excellent way to boost your resume, gain international work experience, improve language skills, and travel the world – all at the same time. What better place to seek an internship abroad than in Los Angeles, an American city of endless opportunity! Creatively beautiful, picture perfect, and radiating sunshine, “La La Land” is the perfect location for internships abroad. After all, it is truly the place where all of your wildest dreams can come true.

Ways to Intern in Los Angeles

The streets of Los Angeles are filled with students and young professionals, artists and entrepreneurs. It is the most well-known destination for those wanting to make a name for themselves and jumpstart their careers. If you have excellent English skills, a passion for learning, and an unshakable drive, then look no further than LA for an internship abroad!

Popular types of internships in Los Angeles. With its heart in Hollywood, the most popular internship placements in LA are in the entertainment industry. Music lovers can intern with well-known music labels, studios, or radio stations, while movie fanatics may find opportunities in film, television, or screenwriting. The fashion industry also thrives in LA. Interns can work with over 2,000 industry leading brands, retailers, and designers! Other popular internship placements include marketing and finance, to suit those with a business mindset.

Short-term and summer internships vs. long-term internships in Los Angeles. Internships in LA can last anywhere from a week to a year, depending on the type of work. Short on time? Spend a week as a Fashion Week intern, where you’ll work in a fast-paced environment in showrooms or behind the scenes with designers, writing for fashion magazines, or promoting events on social media. Long-term placements are also common, so you can settle into American Hollywood culture while gaining professional work experience.

Unpaid vs. paid internships in Los Angeles. Internships in the USA can be paid or unpaid. Normally, interns pay an internship fee for placement assistance, costing up to $1,000. Unpaid placements typically include accommodation, seminars, and excursions. But if you’re lucky, you may land a placement that pays up to $2,000 per month! Most internships also earn you university credits, so placements are usually offered for students or those who have recently graduated.

Life in Los Angeles for Interns

Los Angeles is the land of extravagance. Palm trees line the streets, giving off a beach-y vibe amongst high-rise buildings, and mountains create a magnificent backdrop. Combine that with a mash-up of modern and edgy architecture and beautifully, sun-kissed locals and you have yourself a city that encourages its people to think outside the box and follow their dreams.

Interns will never bore in Los Angeles. Feast on the best tacos in California, or embrace vegan cuisine as you eat your way through town. Glam it up in Hollywood as you sip martinis at high-class restaurants or meet coworkers for drinks at local craft breweries.  Bike along Santa Monica Pier all year round, and keep your eye out for celebrities while wandering Venice Beach. The only downside is the cost of living in LA. Although it is a quite expensive city, interns can cut down on expenses by finding group housing or renting apartments outside of the city center. Avoid taxis and take the famous cable cars home after a night out on the town.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

While interning abroad in Los Angeles, you’ll find yourself diving headfirst into the American rat race, so interns must be competitive. Interns are expected to have excellent English skills in order to succeed in a placement in LA, and you’ll have an even better chance if you speak Spanish, too. Be proactive, as American work culture often expects interns to take the initiative instead of waiting for directions.

Keep in mind that American visa regulations are becoming stricter, and laws are especially rigid for those interning abroad. When applying for a visa, interns must carefully explain how unpaid work will benefit them, and may even have to track their work progress in a portfolio. You will also need to show adequate proof that you will return to your home country after the internship, including ties to family, property ownership, and bank information.

If you can jump the hurdles of expensive program fees and visa guidelines, interning abroad in Los Angeles will be worth the effort. Its streets are filled with dreamers and eccentrics who want their stories known. It is a safe haven for artists and entrepreneurs who can think outside the box, and you will be rewarded in more ways than you can imagine through an internship abroad in this sunny paradise.

Follow your dreams and intern in Los Angeles, or check out our comprehensive guide on interning abroad in the USA for more opportunities.

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