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A Guide to Internships Abroad in Sweden

Why should you look for an internship in the land that brought us Spotify and IKEA? If it’s not because of their life-saving innovations and inventions, maybe Sweden’s healthy job market, high standard of living, and strong workers’ rights can persuade you.The three major cities you should set your sights on for internships are Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo. With countless organizations that are all in need of fresh minds and dedicated individuals, you are sure to find a good fit interning in Sweden.


Forests dominate 50% of Sweden’s land.There are around 100,000 lakes and over 24,000 islands. No matter where you are in the country, you will find gorgeous scenery mixed with rich history and culture. 

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and home to a quarter of the country’s population. The contemporary and urban vibes of the city make it a prime destination for expats. If you are worried about missing out on Sweden’s natural beauty by living in a busy city, fret no more! You can find nature in the inner city, or you can go 15 minutes outside the center of town and find numerous forests to hike in. Filled with a variety of businesses, restaurants, shops, and nightlife venues, Stockholm will surely appeal to the young traveler looking to intern in Sweden.   

On the west coast of Sweden you will find Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city known for Dutch-style canals and flourishing fertile roads. For expats interested in science or technology, Gothenburg will be a place you want to check out for internship opportunities. Gothenburg is unique because of the numerous islands nearby. Hopping on a ferry to explore a car-less, beautiful island would not be a bad way to unwind after work.

When searching for the perfect destination for an internship in Sweden, make sure to check out all that Malmo has to offer. The city is a major Southern communication hub, hosting more than 170 nationalities. After originally being dubbed an industrial city, Malmo has come a long way and is now known as one of the world’s most creative and diverse places to be. The multicultural atmosphere of Malmo will help to bring a distinctive meaning to your travel.


Although city living in Sweden can get pricey, there are other aspects of the country that make the little extra dough worth it. Culture is very important to the Swedes, so most museums, entertainment, and exhibitions are at low costs or free. Many organizations offer programs that fund some living expenses for interns. However, it’s still important to budget and spend wisely! It may be a good idea to reach out to friends and family and ask for help with the costs that come along with Sweden internships. We have the perfect way to help with this at FundMyTravel; also, check out GoAbroad’s scholarship directory!

Accomodations & Visas

Due to the high volume of international internships in Sweden, most companies will provide accommodation or a living stipend for interns. Renting an apartment is a common route people take. Another valuable option to get the most of your experience is a homestay. This is a great way to be immersed in Swedish culture. 

A visitor’s permit is required for interns in Sweden. To start the application you will need a letter from the organization offering you a job, passport numbers, and a return ticket purchased. You will most likely have to go through a short interview process before attaining your permit. When searching for an internship and obtaining a visitor’s permit, make sure to keep in mind these processes are slower when the Swedes take their vacation days. The slower months will be July, August, December, and January. Locating your home country’s embassy is important in a foreign country. For your convenience, check out the GoAbroad Embassy Directory.


Residence permit regulations for internships vary based on your country of citizenship and internship programme. Most Non-EU citizens will have to show proof of a paid employment offer prior to their arrival in Sweden. Interns will need to apply for a work permit or a residence permit (for stays over three months). Most of the time, your organization will help you arrange the visa details, but it’s always ideal to double check with them first. For more info about visas, visit GoAbroad’s embassy directory!

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

Interning in Sweden will provide you with a greater understanding of the global market. You will have a leg-up on competition due to the uniqueness of the experience. Not only will you be a student of experts in your field of choice, you will gain new education of a culture different from your own.

More good news is that the Swedish work atmosphere is unlike any other, and citizens make sure everyone has a good work and home life balance. All employees are treated equally; everyone from the secretary to the CEO has a voice in the workplace. This makes Sweden a great place to learn and work as an intern. 

Many companies look for well-rounded and culturally conscious employees to join their team. After you intern abroad in Sweden, your application will be on top of their pile. By the way, when you’re getting ready to apply for internships in Sweden, make sure to call it a traineeship or a praktik—you’ll really impress the Swedes with knowledge of their language!

Choosing Sweden for your next adventure is the right move to enhance your education and professional development. No doubt, interning in Sweden will be the best decision you make.

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