Internships Abroad in Swaziland

10 Internships Abroad in Swaziland


Spend two weeks or more in Swaziland by joining a building project through Global Nomadic. You will immerse in the rich heritage and culture of a diverse country. Throughout your placement, there will be plenty of recreational opportunities - from mountain trekking to whitewater rafting - on top of manual work. You will assist with the construction of much-needed infrastructure for vulnerab...


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Are you an undergraduate, masters, or PhD student in biology, conservation, ecology or other related courses? Are you fascinated with wildlife and their natural habitats? Join our team on a conservation and ecology internship in the Swaziland savannah. The program focuses on researching, analyzing, and monitoring various wildlife species - e.g. ungulates, reptiles, bats, and raptors. It also in...


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Let's Go Africa is designed to connect people from around the globe to local projects and nonprofit organizations in underdeveloped countries such as Swaziland, Botswana, South Africa, Ghana, and Lesotho. The Let's Go Swaziland program seeks to promote sustainability, empowerment, and development by providing practical support and financial assistance to local projects. Through the program's...