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Conservation and Ecology Internship in the Swaziland Savannah

Are you an undergraduate, masters, or PhD student in biology, conservation, ecology or other related courses? Are you fascinated with wildlife and their natural habitats? Join our team on a conservation and ecology internship in the Swaziland savannah. The program focuses on researching, analyzing, and monitoring various wildlife species - e.g. ungulates, reptiles, bats, and raptors. It also in...


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Teaching in Swaziland

This program allows you to contribute to creating a brighter future for the local children and to supporting local business and economic development while having a genuine cultural experience. You can help teach in schools with some of the highest HIV/AIDS and unemployment rates in the country, both of which threaten the children’s future prospects. The primary schools with which we work are ge...


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Swaziland Photography & Videography Internship

Looking for something to make you stand out? This internship will allow you to work in an international setting, whilst assisting us with rewarding community development activities in Southern Africa. This intern will take you to either bustling Cape Town (Hout Bay), or the mountaneous Kingdom of Swaziland to work with our team creating photos and short videos for marketing or fundraising pu...