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Journalism Internships in Sri Lanka with Projects Abroad

For those seeking to gain international work experience in journalism, a Projects Abroad Journalism internship in Sri Lanka is a fantastic opportunity to live and work abroad. While living and working in the lively capital city of Colombo, you will gain a great deal of valuable work experience. In this city there is never a dull moment and you will find plenty to report on. In Colombo, Proje...


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Psychology Internships Abroad - Sri Lanka

Our placement in Sri Lanka is a unique opportunity to gain valuable psychology work experience in a new and exciting culture. Our aim is to provide skilled volunteers the chance to participate in a well-rounded, culturally immersive experience, which involves working at psychiatric facilities, social initiatives for adults and children with disabilities and teaching English. All of our v...


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Care & Community Development Volunteering, Kandy, Sri Lanka

The children in Sri Lanka have the biggest smiles and the cutest brown eyes & they will melt your heart the moment you meet them! Our programme runs in Kandy, one of the most scenic cities of Sri Lanka located amidst the hills.. Help the local community by assisting in a broad range of activities. You can either choose to focus on one or help at more than one during you placement. * Baby ...


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Study, Research and Intern Psychology in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Study Psychology at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level for a fraction of the cost in Europe in a Beautiful tropical island BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Applied Psychology, MSc Business Psychology, Pg.Diploma in CBT Diploma in General Psychology, Diploma in Child & Adolescent Psychology, Diploma in Business & Organizational Psychology, Diploma in Forensic & Criminal Psychology Psychology...


New Medical Internship in Sri Lanka with GEP

This program is open to foreign medical students seeking to pursue formal studies in medicine or nursing. Sign up for this internship and become acquainted with medical problems commonly encountered in Sri Lanka while taking on hospital-based clinical work. A tropical island in Asia, Sri Lanka is susceptible to medical problems you might be unfamiliar with or haven’t been exposed to through...