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A Guide to Sports Internships Abroad

Those who frequently travel know that the sports culture of a country can be one of the most passionate and fascinating aspects of experiencing life abroad. From game day activities to national sports stars, internships in sports or sports management will give you unfettered access to a new realm of national or regional pride, whether focused on cricket, football, or dozens of other sports. On top of personal engagement, sports internships abroad will grant you professional experience to add to your resume, international contacts, and the ability to explore a new area of the world.

Why Intern Abroad in Sports

Every year, a large percentage of students graduate from university with no real world experience in their industry of choice, making it difficult for them to break into the professional world and secure a job. The sports industry is no different; in fact, because of the way the sports industry is rapidly expanding all over the world, and because it is a passion for many, internship experience is becoming more valuable to employers every year.

Whether you’re considering a career in coaching, personal training, sports, or recreation management, a sports internship abroad can help fill in the blanks between theoretical ideas learned in the classroom and practical information that can only be learned while on the job. Furthermore, if you’re interested in applying to graduate school, a sports internship abroad will look great on your resume too.

While an internship of any sort is appealing to applications committees and hiring supervisors, an internship abroad can push you to the next level in a very competitive industry. International sports internships illustrate your willingness to travel, which is often a requirement in the sports industry, as well as your interest in learning new things and your ability to communicate within a variety of cultural situations. Sports interns are valued for their capacity to adapt to new situations very quickly, much as professionals in the sports industry have to do every day. 


Your choice of location can be reflective of your passion for a particular sport, or of your willingness to expand your comfort zone to learn more about a new sport. Whether in a giant football stadium filled with millions of people or working with a small, passionate fan base of a local team, you can find the perfect sports internship abroad to meet your interests and goals.

Sports internships in Australia can afford you with opportunities to work in variety of sports centers and outdoor sports facilities. Interns can even travel to bustling Sydney and get involved in ocean sports, like swimming and surfing.

Choosing a sports internship in Ireland will introduce you to a new kind of passion; Irish sports fans are famed as some of the most die-hard enthusiasts of football, Irish Gaelic football, and rugby.

Internships in nearby England can also satisfy your craving for an intense fan base. Whether working with children looking to “bend it like Beckham” or with those trying to improve their personal health and fitness goals, England is most definitely keen on athletics.

The way many people in Asia operate in sports arenas is distinctive and exciting. In India, cricket rules the nation. Sports internships with a cricket team can teach you the ins and outs of a somewhat complicated sport and lead you to a new sport of interest. Sports in China are ultra-competitive, even outside of the professional teams, such as in intramurals or schools. Famed for their table tennis competitions, China has a huge population of fans in a diverse range of sports. 

Sports Internships Abroad

As the massive sports industry continues to grow, sports careers will continue to expand and diversify. Fortunately, this means there are an abundance of sports internship opportunities for students seeking both work experience and a resume boost. Most countries do not offer paid sports internships, due to visa restrictions and cultural norms. Despite the differences in types of sports internships abroad, all interns will be expected to be highly enthusiastic and willing to complete a variety of tasks, including paperwork as well as physically demanding work.

A popular option for sports internships abroad is working with a sports complex, such as a gym or fitness center. Internship options in this area may involve both personal training, allowing interns to work with individuals on their fitness goals and help them take steps to reach them under the tutelage of licensed and experienced personal training, and sports marketing, which will teach interns how to promote memberships or team involvement.

Interning in sports medicine will certainly be an enlightening opportunity. Whether through a hospital, training center, or a variety of other businesses, internships in sports medicine can involve learning the basics of everything sports-related, from the complicated realm of physical therapy to the essentials, such as finger-taping and basic nutrition. 

Though more rare, coaching internships abroad can be obtained with passion and diligence. These sports internships can vary greatly depending on the age of athletes you’d prefer to work with, from children to adult professionals, and the sports you’re interested in, whether team or individual. Interns should expect to have plenty of personal interaction with athletes and to plan warm-ups, workouts, and goals.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Interning abroad is a great way to introduce yourself to new experiences and broaden your comfort zone, all while gaining valuable work experience in a respected industry. International interns will have the chance to meet new people, experience new workplace challenges and exaltations, and see a new piece of the world.

Fanatical Fans. Nothing brings a country together like a favorite sport. From the mega-stadiums that fit millions of futbal fans throughout Europe to the small fitness centers where individuals break personal records each day, people all over the world are passionate about a wide range of sports and activities.

International Networking. The professional sports industry is hard to break into, even with a degree in a related field. Interns will find that the connections they make during their sports internship abroad are often life-long acquaintances and friends that can lead them to great professional opportunities, within their home country or internationally.

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A Guide To
Sports Internships Abroad


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