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A Guide to Sociology Internships Abroad

While completing a sociology internship abroad, one can expect to gain a broad context for social behavior of humanity in real world environments. International sociology internships will help you gain a better appreciation for your future profession and test which parts of the field you enjoy most or feel passionate about, such as nonprofit management, government work, human rights initiatives, or refugee relief. Interning in sociology will allow you to come home with a sense of purpose toward your future career in making social change a reality.

Why Intern Abroad in Sociology

Sociology focuses on the study of social behavior, in order to develop a better understanding of society as a whole. By interning abroad in sociology, you will acquire a larger field of experiences to reference and data to use for research and social analysis. While interning abroad among different social norms and customs, you will be able to distinguish universal human traits that cross national borders from social traits developed by a given culture or society. This will give you well respected credibility when pursuing a career in sociology. 

Additionally, sociological topics, ranging from psychology to law to sexuality, will likely vary greatly from country to country, giving you an opportunity to better analyze and understand the topic at hand in a new context.


Argentina. Give your high paced lifestyle a break, and take a minute to breathe through a sociology internship in Argentina. Argentinians are known for their relaxed lifestyle and attention to the present moment. Along with a very down-to-earth demeanor, Argentinians are passionate when it comes to conversation and critically blunt when it comes to humor. Recognizing and adapting to these cultural customs will be a huge aspect of successfully interning in sociology. Therefore sociology internships in Argentina, will give you the chance to compare this practically care-free culture to your own in more ways than one. Also, by observing these traits you will be able to develop sharp and unique analytical skills that are crucial in the field of sociology. 

India. Learn about one of the oldest cultures in the world through interning abroad in India. India has recently become a popular destination for internships abroad because of its cultural diversity and variety of opportunities. As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, internships in India allow interns to observe one of the widest ranges of human behavior imaginable. A high population density makes for excellent sociological studies, instantly increasing the data or subject pool. Sociology internships in India can be very eye opening experiences which are sure to lead to future work in social issues, healthcare, or humanitarian aid.

South Africa. As a cultural melting pot of diverse people, beliefs, and ways of living, South Africa is an excellent location to intern abroad in sociology. In addition to the indigenous South Africans, the country also consists of a large population of people with European, Middle Eastern, and Asian descendent from the days of the nation’s conception. Also as a home to many refugees fleeing the turmoil in Central Africa, there is no shortage of help needed within refugee camps in South Africa. Working in a refugee camp is not only incredibly fulfilling, but is also great experience for anyone pursuing a career in sociology.

Sociology Internships Abroad

At Risk Youth. International sociology internships as at risk youth mentors will allow individuals the chance to greatly inspire the lives of young adolescents who lack essential role models in their lives. By serving as that role model, interns will provide the necessary encouragement and guidance needed to help children make good choices in their futures. As an at risk youth mentor, interns will participate in the efforts made to prevent substance abuse, teen pregnancy, school drop outs, and domestic violence. By providing proper educational resources and guidance, positive reinforcement, and most of all leading by example, interns will help young adolescents find the confidence in themselves to make changes in their lives.

Community Development. By interning in community development abroad, you will have the opportunity to greatly enhance the quality of life for a community through various means. This may also consist of working with children and adolescents who are at risk. If you have a particular passion for art, music, dance, or sports, you are encouraged to share these interests with community members in various ways. Sociology internships focused on community development may also consist of agricultural work, HIV/AIDS education and prevention, and even assisting with construction projects. The main agenda of community development programs is to show support for a community in need by assisting with various projects and activities that can help prevent further adversities and encourage the progression toward a healthy, functioning community, which are goals frequently shared with sociologists from around the globe. 

Microfinance. One way to greatly benefit a community is to reduce the poverty level through microfinance projects. Microfinance systems favor small businesses and entrepreneurs and are commonly carried out through micro-credits. In countries where the banking system is corrupt or crumbling, micro-financing allows individuals to slowly build credit in order to dig themselves out of poverty. Internships in microfinancing typically entail teaching the practice of this system to communities by implementing it as a financing tool in their community.

Summer is a fantastic time of year to intern abroad in sociology. Summertime allows students time off from class to enjoy the attractions of foreign countries, while it also brings a certain spark of life to certain places that make research in sociology much more fruitful. Although most internships abroad offer placements that are only part-time, a sociology internship abroad can be a full-time job if you treat it like one. 

The study of human behavior and society continues well after you clock out from the work day, so experience it first hand by living it in your free time. Sociology internships abroad typically run from four to six weeks, but can last for several months or even years, depending on the program and your interest in the placement and country. There are no major qualifications for sociology internships abroad, although some programs may ask for a certain number of sociology course credits or similar course experience.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

The Work Continues After the Job is Over. During a sociology internship abroad, knowledge and experience won’t just be gained during the workday, learning will happen within everyday interactions you make in the given society. By interning in sociology abroad, your whole trip becomes an internship, allowing for every instant to become a potential learning experience.

Gain Credibility. After interning abroad, your chances for future employment within sociology greatly expand. Not only will you be able to demonstrate a more global and adaptable perspective, but any research you may want to publish will carry much more validity having actually lived in the foreign culture.

Acquire Objectivity. In a field centered on human behavior within the confines of  particular social constructs, it is hard to reach conclusive results without ever traveling outside of your native culture. Through traveling the world you will observe and experience many different human beliefs and behaviors that will help you develop an objective outlook on humanity.

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