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Internship Programs with Projects Abroad

Immerse in the rich culture and unique business environment of Senegal through a Projects Abroad international work placement. Earn practical work experiences while enjoying a wide range of cultural activities including immersion, excursions, and language training. The program is open to participants from all over the world.


The University of Minnesota

Travel to Senegal and work in an organization that fosters international development and focuses on intercultural issues. The University of Minnesota offers internship programs to people who have a bachelor's degrees. This program is open every fall semester, spring semester, and academic year.


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SenegalStyle Small Business Incubator Internship Program!

Earn international work experience on an internship program in Senegal with Senegal Style Volunteers! The program is a small business incubator, where participants get the chance to plan, launch, and operate small companies. The program places participants in Dakar, capital and largest city of Senegal, where they are housed and work out of a guesthouse until they put their business plans into p...