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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Romania

Too often overshadowed by its neighbors to the West, not many workers realize that Romania is the seventh largest country in the European Union, and one of the fastest growing economies on the continent no less. Nestled between the Carpathian mountains and the Black Sea, the territory of Romania has occupied an important crossroads between Europe and Asia throughout human history. The intern abroad in Romania today can immerse themselves in a rich culture and thriving workforce, while discovering this great country’s legacy firsthand.


Sitting in the southeastern reaches of the European continent, Romania is home to over 20 million citizens of a diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The Carpathian mountains form an iconic part of the Romanian landscape, with the Danube River also running through the countryside from Europe and emptying out into the Black Sea in the east. Romania is bordered by Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova.

There are several major cities where you might choose to intern abroad in Romania, so take the time to look into a few different locations before deciding on where to work. One interesting destination you might look into is Brasov, a city of nearly 400,000 citizens settled in the Transylvania region of the Southern Carpathians. Other larger cities such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara are also promising locations where you can search for an internship abroad in Romania.

If you are looking for a placement away from the big cities, you might also consider seeking out an internship abroad in Romania’s rural areas. While Romania has industrialized to a large degree throughout the course of the 20th and early 21st centuries, there are still many smaller villages where you can experience traditional Romanian culture in a more intimate setting as an intern abroad.

Internships in Romania

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of the 20th century, Romania had a large task set ahead of it to develop its economy within a new free market context. The country has by all means excelled beyond expectations, and currently boasts some of the highest economic growth rates in the European Union. Going to intern abroad in Romania is thus a great way to enter yourself into a dynamic workforce with growing international prospects.

Some of the most popular areas in which you might intern abroad in Romania include development, medicine, and environmental studies. All of these fields are important to the continued economic growth of Romania in a sustainable manner, and will prove the intern abroad with valuable professional experience in a global context.

Other areas where you can seek out an internship abroad in Romania encompass a broad spectrum of fields ranging from agriculture to journalism to the arts. Most internships abroad in Romania last anywhere from three to six months, depending on the intern’s availability and preferences. Some programs will also offer you the opportunity to combine your internship in Romania with enrollment in courses for academic credit, a great option to take advantage of if you are still pursuing your degree.

Salaries & Costs

As an intern abroad in Romania you may or may not earn a salary for your work, generally depending on the profitability of the industry you are working within. At the very least you will usually be compensated by some other means including food, housing, and transportation.

Romania is classified as an upper-middle income economy, meaning that costs of living will be more affordable than in many other European countries with advanced economies. The local currency is the Romanian Leu, which exchanges at about 4 RON to $1 USD.

Accommodation & Visas

As an intern abroad in Romania you will likely have the option to choose from a few different styles of accommodation. Many interns choose simply to live in an apartment, either alone or with roommates. Some internships abroad in Romania might also offer you the opportunity to live in a homestay, which can be a great way to fully immerse yourself in the local culture.

Whether or not you will need a visa to intern abroad in Romania depends on factors such as your home country, the duration of your internship, and whether or not you will be paid for your services. Residents of the EU will generally not have to worry about gaining work permission, while citizens of countries outside of Europe might need to apply for a visa. For more information regarding your individual circumstances, check out our Romanian Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Eastern Crossroads. Because of its auspicious geographical position, Romanian culture shares mutual influence with many other countries throughout Eastern Europe. It is a fascinating place to explore a diversity of regional backgrounds while you intern abroad.

Rising Prospects. An internship abroad in Romania will place you in the context of a dynamically growing economy; it’s certainly not a bad place to gain professional experience and start making connections for job prospects down the line.

Historical Roots. Romanian History is far more expansive than the mythology of Transylvania which commonly shines forth in popular culture. This is an ancient land with an incredibly rich history to be explored.

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