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Custom Internship Placements in Europe

Unlike other "cookie cutter" internship programs, we work like recruiters to secure you a customized internship placement. This program is ideal for a mature student who is comfortable traveling abroad alone with remote support, as opposed to local support. We do all the work that goes into securing you your dream internship, and you are responsible for securing your own housing. Partici...


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Low-cost Study and Paid Intern Placements in Portugal

Hoping to gain professional experience in Portugal? You don’t have to struggle with language barrier by combining your internship with language study through NIK-LAS. Sign up for this program, which comprises two phases. The first is a 3-week Standard Plus Portuguese Language in Faro or Lisbon. It is followed by an 8 to 24-week internship in and around Lisbon. Placements are within numerous...


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Hospitality and Tourism Internships in Porto and Lisbon

InternshipsPortugal's Hospitality and Tourism internships are designed to broaden their participants' horizons and make them job-ready in this competitive industry. This program in beautiful and sunny Portugal will help them fast-track their career, develop a professional network, and give them the international experience that employers are looking for today. International experience is ess...