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Gain an introduction to the legal system through an internship with the Hawaii State Courts. We work in courts, operating in different levels of the judiciary, including state and county positions. In addition to performing in-court duties, we have provide interns with the options to work outside of or alongside the courts supporting the community in legal matters. There is some flexibility ...


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With a growing economy and political stability unparalleled in Latin America, Chile is the perfect place to find new opportunities. Our programs are primarily based in Santiago, the capital of the country. Santiago is a vibrant metropolis considered one of the most modern and exciting cities in Latin America. Santiago is a place full of culture and entertainment, with a strong European influenc...


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On Summer Intern in Dublin, you really get the best of both worlds! After an extensive introduction to living and working in Dublin, you will work full time alongside your Irish counterparts during this 6-week program. Once the workday is over, you'll have one of the greatest cities in Europe outside your door. Due to an economic boom in the past 2 decades and an influx of immigrants from aroun...


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Make your resume stand out against all the others with an internship in Cape Town, South Africa! Connect-123 helps those looking to add international work experience to their background find the perfect placement in this amazing city. Opportunities are available in business, entrepreneurship, human rights, economic development, health care, public health, education and many more! With onsite ...


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The Boston University is offering the Rabat Internship Program, which provides students with the opportunity to explore, live, and learn the language and culture of the Middle East and of North America. The program provides an intensive study of Arabic language, coursework, excursions, and homestays. Program participants enroll in one or two intensive language courses offered at the beginni...


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Barcelona is an ideal site for an international internship; Barcelona serves as a tourist, cultural, and economic hot spot while heavily influencing the region's commerce, entertainment, education, fashion, science, media, and the arts. It is also the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean. Adelante's presence in the capital of Catalonia runs over 10 years. This feat is attriubted to Adela...


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Project Abroad’s Human Rights project in Argentina is based in Córdoba and offers interns the unique opportunity to get involved at a grass roots level, raising awareness of human rights in a variety of marginalized communities or at risk groups Daily tasks may involve interviewing victims of human rights abuses, academic research and reporting, out-of-office field work, presenting to local co...


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*Please note: as we offer international internship programs, our USA internships are not available to US Citizens. We encourage you to look at our other destinations (London, Hong Kong, Madrid, Australia, or Latin America). New York City is a cultural and financial hub of the world that will leave you wanting more. We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience ...


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The London Summer Internship Program focuses on practical experience in the workplace, complemented by a classroom seminar, and the cultivation of global leadership skills. You will enroll in a required 3- or 6-credit academic internship seminar with other IES interns where you will learn about a variety of local business settings and opportunities. As well as developing your personal CV, an...


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Are you ready to take your resumé and work experience to the next level? How about living in a beautiful, diverse city and country full of history? Then Global Experiences Internship Program in Dublin, Ireland is the program for you. They offer placements in a variety of fields ranging from marketing, graphic design, and event planning, to accounting and IT. Global Experiences gives you the...


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‘Vanguard’ means “a position at the forefront of new development or ideas”. That is exactly what we guarantee with our program, which includes Semester Internship + Future Leader Series + Coaching and Support. The Global Explorer Program: Vanguard Edition is highly popular among students and current graduates hoping to discover and explore their career path. The internship falls within Marke...


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Have you considered what type of internship in South Africa would best suit you? We are connected with an extensive list of companies and organizations in Cape Town. We will place you in a working environment where you will make a constructive contribution to your selected organization while gaining the useful internship experience you desire.


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Barcelona is one of today's leading cultural centers and has a stronghold in the art world, making it a prime location for any art enthusiast. There are tons of museums and galleries throughout the city so you will have ample opportunity to learn more about art and its history. You could find yourself working alongside a museum curator or even leading tours of museums or other historic sites!


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API international internships are unique opportunities for you to begin to explore and cultivate your future career through a high quality, academic-based international internship. Interning abroad is the perfect way for you to gain valuable career training, cultural immersion, and soft skills through one complete program. In addition to benefiting professionally, you will also have the oppo...


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You want to intern in the hip, trendy, historically and culturally rich, modern, diverse, cosmopolitan, innovative, creative city that is Dublin. So the question is, why Stint Ireland? We’re different. Unlike other companies, we’re based and focused solely on providing experiences here in Ireland. Because of that, we boast the most extensive network of opportunities in Dublin (and it’s const...

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Political Science Internships Abroad

A core component of the study of political science is diplomacy, how different nations bargain their interests and ideals to work toward a state of peaceful global relations. Landing a political science internship abroad is your opportunity to gain valuable work experience in international relations, while witnessing first hand how different governments operate with and against each other in the global arena. What better way to expand your political science education? Get your first taste of real-life politics by completing a political science internship abroad!

Why Intern Abroad in Political Science

Odds are that if you are considering political science internships, then you might already take a significant interest in international relations. There is no better way to learn about how the world works than to travel and see it for yourself. The benefits of interning abroad go far beyond the job experience and star on your resume which internships will bring – your perspective on politics and international affairs will forever be changed, as will your greater perspective of who you are and what you want to be.


Politics varies heavily around the world, as will the type of political science internship placements you will find from place to place. For instance in Europe there are a large variety of internationally influential political, economic, and grassroots organizations, especially in countries such as Switzerland, England, and the Netherlands. The same can be said of North American cities such as New York, Toronto, and Washington D.C. If you are interested in high level international relations and politics, then these two continents would be great places to start looking for political science internships abroad.

It might also be interesting to look to the developing world for political science internships. Governments tend to take on a very different form in societies with low economic development, and often political relations are plagued by corruption, human rights abuses, and lack of resources in these places. If you are interested in a rewarding international internship involving activism and hands-on research, then it can be a very educational experience traveling to a poorer country which lacks relative power in the realm of international politics.

The type of political science internships you may be able to land in any given country will also depend on the quality of its relations with your home country. If you are on mutually good terms, say as with the U.S. and UK, then you may even be able to cross over and land an internship shadowing Congress or Parliament. If the relationship is more rocky, you might be limited to interning with the foreign service or with a private international organization.

Political Science Internships

Government work can take a large variety of forms, from on-the-ground grassroots campaigning to behind-the-desk planning and paperwork. As a political intern abroad you will be able to choose from a dearth of placements which suit your interests, and will also likely be held responsible for a number of individual tasks while on the job.

Most political internships abroad work with local governments or city councils, either directly or cooperatively through an independent organization. Examples of the type of work you might engage in as an intern in politics include preparing documents and presentations, attending meetings and debates, and conducting independent research in a variety of fields. Climbing the government bureaucracy can be a long and arduous process, and as an intern you are often beginning from the bottom. Just remember that this is your chance to gain first-hand exposure to government work, and also to prove yourself as a dedicated and passionate worker!

Internships abroad in political science are available throughout the year and typically last anywhere from two to six months. Summer is the most popular time for students to seek out an international internship, between school years, and political science internships abroad can certainly give you a leg up before graduation. Recent graduates can opt instead to intern in the fall or spring, and who knows, maybe it will even lead straight to a job offer abroad!

Benefits & Challenges

Completing political science internships abroad will be a fantastically educational experience, that will expand your knowledge of global politics and cross cultural communications. Our world is working toward a more peaceful order than ever before seen in history, and the bare plausibility of obtaining a political science internship abroad is a testament to that. Governments are perpetually adapting and finding new ways of working with each other to advance relations, and if you are interested in joining the next wave of politics, then there is no better way to get started than by interning abroad in politics.

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