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A Guide to Philosophy Internships Abroad

Philosophy majors are some of the most interesting, reflective, and balanced students that you will come across. As such they fit into a variety of fields, from academics to business to law. There is not one particular type of philosophy internship abroad that you will be expected to apply to, no more than there is one particular type of philosophy student. Now is the time to do some deep thinking, take time to find yourself, and decide where and what your next step will be in your career, by interning abroad in philosophy.

Why Intern Abroad in Philosophy

In choosing to pursue philosophy you have begun to explore fundamental questions about reason, values, and the meaning of life in our modern age. It is also likely that you have pondered another lingering question which is common among philosophy students: what to do after graduation? For students of this far-reaching and universal discipline, traveling the world and partaking in a philosophy internship abroad might just help you find some of the answers you are looking for. At the very least, it certainly won’t hurt your resume.


When choosing a location for your philosophy internship abroad, the main criteria should be determining which country or city will provide the most fulfilling experience for you. You can find philosophy placements all over the world in a variety of fields, but the form of your internship and degree of culture shock you may experience will depend largely on the environment you choose to surround yourself in.

As many philosophy departments in major Western universities tend to be Eurocentric, one interesting route you can take is interning in Asia. From Japan to China to Thailand to India, most countries in Asia have developed a unique philosophy and ethos that differs greatly from the Western world. If you are at all interested in Eastern philosophy, than philosophy internships abroad in Asia can be a great gateway to this enlightening school of thought.

Similarly in the Middle East and in Africa, everyday life takes a drastically different form than it does in the industrialized West. Philosophy internships abroad in these two regions, such as those in South Africa, will expose you to a much different manifestation of life and society than you are accustomed to, greatly enhancing your philosophical scope of the modern human condition.

On a practical level, the language barrier is something important to keep in mind when considering where to intern abroad in philosophy. While global companies and international organizations can set you up with English speaking philosophy internships all over the world, you might still be barred from access to many local positions if you do not speak the language.

Philosophy Internships Abroad

Choosing your placement type, is where things get even more open-ended. Philosophy majors are suited for internships abroad in a wide variety of fields, from education and public service to legal and business consulting. Your own professional or philosophical aspirations are essentially the main determinant of what philosophy internship abroad is for you.

Some of the most common philosophy internships abroad pursued by philosophy students include work for NGOs and IGOs all over the world. Global projects in community development, diplomacy, and activism are spearheaded by a huge diversity of organizations that are continuously in need of interns. If you are interested in public service or social work, then nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations are a great place to start looking for philosophy internships abroad.

For those still pursuing their degree, there are many philosophy internship abroad programs which combine academic study with internships. It is not uncommon for philosophy students to enroll in courses abroad while also gaining work experience in a variety of professional settings including volunteer centers, classrooms, or law firms. Work-study courses are commonly required by philosophy departments, and interning abroad can be a great way to complete this portion of your studies.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Lessons Beyond the Classroom. While traditional philosophy courses are held within the four walls of a classroom, philosophy internships abroad will provide you with a whole new set of lessons about life in the world beyond. One of the most rewarding aspects of travel and interning abroad is the way it expands your worldview, and philosophers are among those who can benefit most from this enlarged perspective.

Apply Your Philosophical Training. Philosophy has taught you how to think about life in the world which surrounds us. A philosophy internship abroad is your opportunity to apply that knowledge to dynamic action. Bringing your in-depth perspective to the table can have a real impact in whatever profession you choose.

Enhance Your Resume. Philosophy is about as broad an academic discipline as there is, encompassing big picture questions about existence itself. While important and fascinating, employers will typically want to see that you have some professional qualification to supplement this training. Interning abroad shows them that you are not only capable, but very ambitious and adaptable as well.

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Philosophy Internships Abroad


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