Internships Abroad in Visayas

31 Internships Abroad in Visayas


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Welcome to the exotic islands of the Philippines! Volunteers can work in a community center focused on providing a meeting place for everyone in the community as well as a safe and healthy environment for neighborhood children. Volunteers with this program can work on a wide variety of projects including organizing education activities for children such as arts classes, handicrafts classes, sto...


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Join this Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy project as an intern in the Philippines. Interns can help treat and further the rehabilitation of patients in need. While interns are contributing to their lives, they will also build on their own skills and experience in the field. During the internship, participants will work closely with disabled patients and observe and treat various il...


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NOTE: We do not offer paid internships or cater for volunteering experiences. To be eligible for a Work the World nursing internship, you need to be in nursing school, or have equivalent clinical experience (MD or equivalent). We can also not accept premeds. It is extremely common in the Philippines to have the patients' families take responsibility for bedside care, leaving nurses free for ...


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The community center in BLISS Sagkahan in Tacloban City, Philippines, is the heart of all Volunteer for the Visayans activities, serving as a staging area for various welfare projects. It is from the center that staff and volunteers coordinate the range of social welfare projects for the Child Sponsorship Program and Community Program. These activities include coordinating an empowerment pro...


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We are offering a three to six-month placement to a highly motivated and brand-savvy individual who have recently graduated. Join the young, vibrant culture of our Philippine office. The successful candidate should have a strong understanding of innovative digital marketing strategies and should be confident in expressing opinions and ideas. The person will work with the management and contribu...


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Carmilla Creations Inc. offers free internship or volunteer opportunities in Photography, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign on Bantayan Island, Cebu in the Philippines. Young people from all over the world are welcome to stay with the company for two months to 12 months and get hands-on training and personal tutoring while working on creative photo and book projects. The company offers fre...