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Orphanage and Childrens Programs in Cusco

Volunteers in Cusco can work with an orphanage providing shelter to orphaned and abandoned children or with a day care center for children with low income working mothers. All centers place a large emphasis on education and nutrition ii order to promote the healthy development of the children. Volunteers can lead educational activities, play with the children and help with various chores aroun...


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Do your international internship with Maximo Nivel - get international work experience in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. - Education (K-12) - Special Education - Micro-Business - Hospitality & Tourism - Human Rights - Medical Since 2003, Maximo Nivel has been a leader in educational travel and study abroad. Our work-study-travel programs host more than 4,000 people per ye...


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Projects Abroad

Have a meaningful spring break with Projects Abroad by volunteering in the Public Health Alternative Spring Break Trip to Peru. You will raise awareness around important health issues in underprivileged communities, and provide basic medical services. You will have an important role to play in communicating important information to those you reach on outreach programs, and the medical servic...


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Intern Abroad HQ

At Intern Abroad HQ, we connect students and young professionals with international internship programs. Whether you’re seeking practical experience to support your study, or wanting to enhance your career prospects, Intern Abroad HQ offers a diverse range of trusted and affordable options in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. Our internship programs are based on goal-setting for personal and p...


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Custom Internships - Sacred Valley of the Incas, PERU!

Intern abroad with Linguistic Horizons in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, located between Cusco & Machu Picchu! This program is ideal for people who want to go off the beaten path and have a truly immersive experience. You'll improve your Spanish, learn about the local culture of the people in Urubamba, and the indigenous Andean communities in the surrounding areas. Participants will inte...


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Volunteering Journeys

The teaching in Peru program takes place in the vibrant city of Cusco, home to ancient Incan ruins, stunning vistas, and amazing Peruvian architecture. The program in is located in a local community public elementary schools in Cusco and you will be working with local children aged 6-11 years old to improve their English and sports skills. This is the perfect program for volunteers wanting to m...


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Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions offer Dental Elective Internship in Cusco, Peru. It is a great opportunity to work directly with medical professionals and gain valuable experience out of the internship program. This is one of the best programs for dental students who are in a bid to start practicing. This internship will help in furnishing the skills by assisting the professional in various tasks. Not...


Special Education / Down Syndrome

Education for children with disabilities is an underdeveloped sector in Peru. You can make an important and needed contribution to Special Education in Peru, as a volunteer or intern. Experience with Special Education or disabilities is, of course, an asset, but not needed for volunteer work. All volunteers and interns will need the basics of the Spanish language. Creativity, patience and...


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International Medical Aid

Take advantage of our unique nursing electives at International Medical Aid (IMA). These Global Nursing Volunteer Placements are catered towards your professional goals. You will have the chance to work in an international hospital while receiving mentoring from our staff of healthcare professionals. Most hospitals in developing countries lack nurses; hence, your participation in this progra...


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Travellers Worldwide

Are you looking to start a career in conservation research? Are you passionate about sustainability and helping to protect the rainforest? This 6-month internship programme is designed to help students and graduates students develop specific career skills in conservation research, community development, and non-profit project management, in the heart of the Amazon! You'll intern in a lead...