Internships Abroad in All Other Areas in Peru

43 Internships Abroad in All Other Areas in Peru


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Marine Conservation Project in Peru

The Punta San Juan Project (PSJP) is long-term project of the Center for Environmental Sustainability of Cayetano Heredia University. The PSJP has been conducting research, monitoring and working towards conservation of wildlife in situ for over 30 years. Punta San Juan is a 133 acre peninsula with over 4km of maritime protection. It is located on the southern coast of Peru, in the city of Marc...


ProjectsAbroad Conservation Alternative Spring Break in Peru

Spend a week with other young adults in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest on our Conservation Alternative Spring Break Trip to Peru, and spend your spring break helping protect endangered plant and animal species. Years of the destruction of the natural environment has left many species, like spectacles bears, threatened. Join us on this project as we strive to facilitate the recovery of the l...


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Peru - English Teaching Experience

Peru is an incredible country; it’s filled with history, traditions, art, culture, geography, scenery, and more. Unfortunately, Peru’s educational system is not up to those same standards, thus students are not truly given a real opportunity to become proficient in English. Luckily, you have the chance to change this. In this program, you will be able to teach Peruvian students basic English su...


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Internship in the Sacred Valley, PERU!

Intern abroad with Linguistic Horizons in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, located between Cusco & Machu Picchu! This program is ideal for people who want to go off the beaten path and have a truly immersive experience. You'll improve your Spanish, learn about the local culture of the people in Urubamba, and the indigenous Andean communities in the surrounding areas. Participants will inte...


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Midwifery Internships in Peru - Arequipa

NOTE: We do not offer paid internships or cater for volunteering experiences. To be eligible for a Work the World midwifery internship, you need to be in midwifery school, or have equivalent clinical experience (MD or equivalent). We can also not accept premeds. Volunteering in Arequipa as a Midwife will place you in the midst of a fascinating culture and an even more fascinating healthcare ...


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Volunteer or Intern in a Medical Clinic in Peru

Apply medical theories you have learned in school and gain hands-on experience by volunteering at a clinic or hospital in Peru. This program offered by Vive Peru involves collaborating and working alongside local medical staff, helping you learn first-hand about local healthcare systems. You will have the chance to work closely with the community during medical campaigns, wherein you assist ...


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Conservation, Community Development, Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Get involved in conservation and community development work on this excellent multi-activity project in the Amazon Rainforest! You'll benefit from professional training and actively assist in the environmental monitoring study at multiple locations. This multi-activity project is an opportunity to live and work in the greatest jungle in the world - the AMAZON! ON THIS PROJECT YOU WILL: ...


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Research Assistantships: Animal Capture, Behavior, Health

Field Projects International offers students the unique opportunity to receive hands-on research training in the Peruvian Amazon. We partner with several universities to carry out a number of long-term research programs. Our primary subjects are the primates at the Los Amigos Biological Station in the Madre de Dios region of Peru, with research topics including growth and development, life hist...


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Internship Program in Peru

NC Internship Program is an opportunity for undergraduate students and young professionals interested in development work in the Andes of Peru. NC has a theory of change that involves work in health, education, and economic empowerment; promoting the protection of human rights and interculturality. We offer this opportunity to committed young citizens who want to learn first-hand about the d...


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Health Sciences Internship in Peru

Awaiting Angels needs general doctors, dentists, obstetricians, psychologists, laboratory workers, nurses, ophthalmologists, and technical nurses, as well as medical students, for a volunteering or internship programs in healthcare in Peru. Many Peruvians are still deprived of public healthcare. With a majority of hospitals located in the major cities, it is difficult for poor people in rural a...