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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Nicaragua

Internships in Nicaragua are ideal for those with a longing for adventure and a desire to take part in community development. Known for its lakes and volcanos, incoming interns will have the chance to chose their internship in Nicaragua based on their adventure style. With 80 percent of the country being undeveloped territory, there will be a significant amount of discovery and development while working in the field. Considered one of the poorest countries in the Southern Hemisphere, Nicaragua has many critical needs which leave an even greater need for passionate, skilled interns. Nicaragua remains a war-torn nation, and interns ready to empower and see change are welcomed with open


In the hub of the southern hemisphere, Nicaragua is longing for development and recovery from war and poverty. Interns who decide to come to this nation have a wide range of internship locations at their disposal. There are a few cities in particular that hold a majority of the placements though: Granada, Managua, León, and Ciudad Sandino. It is safe to say that with the massive needs each region has, those who decide to intern in Nicaragua will have no trouble finding a placement in their desired location.

Managua is the Capital of Nicaragua and is notably the largest city. Unable to make a comeback after being in a state of war, Managua remains in a state of poverty. With few tourists coming through, this unique city is ready for a comeback and is home to internships across professions. This location is fantastic for anyone who desires to intern in Nicaragua in a fast paced, more developed location.

Granada is amongst the most popular destinations for interning in Nicaragua. Known for its quaint, leisurely, lakeshore feel, it should be considered by those who want to intern in a more populated area of the country. As a tourist hotspot, English speaking skills are stronger in Granada in comparison to other locations. Internships in Granada span a range of professions. Specifically partnering with clinics and business teams, this location is great for those who desire to see community development by the sea.

León is one of the more historic regions known for its volcanic lowlands. In this region, volunteers can find cobblestone streets, breathtaking cathedrals, and a university community. León is ideal for interns who enjoy colonial charm. With internships in León surrounding the fields of medicine, those looking to utilize their medical background should consider interning in León.

Ciudad Sandino is located outside of the country's capital, Managua. Also considered a large and densely populated city, the rates of unemployment are on the rise as are the need for environmental change. For anyone looking to work alongside locals to promote sustainable initiative, interning in Ciudad Sandino is a great match. While life may not be as fast paced as other Nicaraguan cities, this beautiful city has a village feel and is ideal for anyone wanting to intern abroad in a city of simplicity and natural beauty.

Internships in Nicaragua

Internship opportunities in Nicaragua range in duration from one week to two years, which are ideal for all interests. Most internships in Nicaragua require basic Spanish language skills and a minimum age of 18 years old. With a college degree or just a heart for change, individuals from all paths of life can intern abroad in Nicaragua. Armed with a desire for village life or a love of the waterfront, it will not be a challenge for individuals to find a beautifully matched internship in Nicaragua.

Sustainability internships plentiful, with opportunities to intern in various regions, such as Ciudad Sandino. Sustainability interns will have the unique opportunity to work alongside farmers to veer away from pesticide use and toward organic farming. In addition to farmers, interns will be able to work alongside youth to empower them in assisting with sustainable initiatives and make strides toward community change. Interns will work to teach youth about topics such as pollution, deforestation, and renewable energy.

Medical internships in Nicaragua are also abundant, and available in regions across the country, from Juan Del Sur to Managua. The need in clinics across the country is significant, making room for interns with experience across professions. Healthcare social workers, EMTs, dentists, physicians, and anyone with a heart for medicine are all invited to intern in Nicaragua. The work conducted will provide a strong sense of accomplishment as med teams takes large strides to save lives daily. In addition to working actively at local clinics, there is a great need for newly developed health care programs in each community. Medical internships are a great match for all who are interested in the field of healthcare. 

Teaching. English fluency is highly desired amongst this population, especially with children. With this there is a great need for teaching interns, specifically as teachers of English as a foreign language (TEFL). Teachers who intern abroad in Nicaragua will be able to provide a skillset and relationship far beyond the English language. Through teaching internships in Nicaragua, interns will have an incredible opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of people with a dire need for empowerment.

Business internship placements in Nicaragua are guaranteed to offer a dynamic and unique experience. Interns may work closely with farmers and local markets to increase sales and expand the marketplace. If interns have strong organizational skills and a desire to develop native leaders, business internships are a wonderful match. Holding internship roles in administration, management, development, finance, and sales are sure to develop successful international business skills too.

Salary & Costs

Costs and payment for interning in Nicaragua depend on the specific placement and location. In many placements, interns will be allotted a small salary or stipend to cover basic costs. In addition, many organizations include food and accommodations in internship program fees. Stipends are a great security, however interns should plan to bring additional funds to assure flexibility. While each location varies in pricing of goods and services, an average meal will cost $4 to 10.

In general, interning in Nicaragua with an additional $50 dollars per week in your bank account will suffice. Each internship in Nicaragua will provide a list of costs and expenses, and some may require an additional donation to the organization or project of focus. The cost of living in Nicaragua is not viewed as high, however extra funds allow for an emergency fund and the ability to experience the diversity of the nation to the fullest. 

Accommodation & Visas

Every internship placement in Nicaragua presents different things when it comes to accommodations. Many housing options are available though, and incoming interns will be given assistance deciding on the best situation.

Living with a host family is a common provision. Can this be nerve wracking? Of course! Will this provide a once in a lifetime opportunity? Yes, it will! Host families will provide the deepest sense of cultural immersion and will greatly assist in developing Spanish speaking skills. Guest houses are another common arrangement, and can cost as little as $10 per night.

Unlike many destinations, visas are not always a requirement to intern in Nicaragua. Based on the duration of your internship, you will be directed on the appropriate visa process, if necessary. Passports, however, will be a requirement for every intern.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Language. Choosing to intern abroad in Nicaragua will come with challenges, just as any trip abroad does. The main challenge is the language barrier. Developing Spanish speaking skills will break through the barrier and promote relationship building across internship placements. Without growth in this area, interns will become reliant on support staff and unable to be entirely independent. Being able to speak Spanish will help develop respect and trust.

Leadership Opportunity. Professionally, there are notable benefits of internships abroad in Nicaragua. With Nicaragua’s war-stricken states, there is significant room to make a true impact. Interns will have the opportunity to use their skills and training and watch their initiatives come into action. Interns will be able to take part in this crucial development season for this nation. 

For those looking to show courage and leadership Nicaragua provides an ideal opportunity. Are you ready to call the land of lakes and volcanoes your placement destination?  

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A Guide To
Interning Abroad in Nicaragua


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