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A Guide to Internships Abroad in Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a Southeast Asian country filled with traditional values, tea, and totally awe-inspiring Buddhist Temples and traditions. The rural and traditional country makes for an incredible location for your internship abroad, as it will invite you to take in the simple pleasures of life and and encourage you to make new connections. Myanmar is a country that will continuously surprise you and push you to live outside of your comfort zone. An internship abroad in Myanmar is exactly what you need if you are looking for a change of pace and a spiritual revelation!


When approaching international internships in Myanmar, you may feel stuck when it comes to finding a location. Let us help you sail down the Inle Lake and into the perfect place for Myanmar internships. 

Yangon, the largest city in the country, serves as a popular destination for internships in Myanmar. With the combination of British architecture and Buddhist pagodas, you will be immersed in the modern-yet-traditional world that Myanmar has to offer. During your downtime from your internship, you will have opportunities to visit Shwedagon Paya, and the Botataung and Sule pagodas. All of these religious sites draw many pilgrims each year. 

Another popular destination for internship opportunities in Myanmar is Mandalay. As the former royal capital, you will still find the restored Mandalay Palace, which is even surrounded by a moat. We promise you will not be re-moat-ly disappointed. This will be a great place for you to explore the history of Myanmar and how it has evolved into the country it is today. As expected, you can find Buddhism's presence in Mandalay at the Kuthodaw Pagoda and at its foot with scripture-inscribed marble slabs. 

There are also internship opportunities in Myanmar throughout rural areas. This will allow you to deeply immerse yourself into the traditions and daily life of people in Myanmar. If you want a genuinely traditional cultural internship in Myanmar, going rural is the ideal option for you.


The cost of living in Myanmar is relatively cheap compared to averages from the United States. However, internship costs will vary, so contact program providers for more information about how much you should expect to spend. A great way to help fund your intern abroad in Myanmar experience would be to create a FundMyTravel account to help raise money through crowdfunding so your experience is not coming directly out of your own pocket. You may also want to check out GoAbroad’s list of Internship Scholarships.

Accommodations & Visas

Housing accommodations for internships in Myanmar range from homestays, to monasteries, to shared rooms. Just know that no matter the accomodation, there are countless opportunities for learning and growing. Each arrangement will give you unique opportunities to connect with those around you. 

Visas for completing your internship abroad in Myanmar will vary based on the length of your internship. Please visit the embassy directory for more information. You may also contact your programs directly, as they may provide additional support.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

You may be asking yourself why you should intern abroad in Myanmar when you can just find an internship in your home country. By opting to complete an internship in Myanmar, you are opening yourself up to the opportunity for personal and professional growth. Learning to adapt and live in a new culture is an incredible skill to have and will show future employers you are willing to take chances and try something new. And who doesn’t look for those qualities in a potential employee?!

As an intern in Myanmar, you should be mindful of the cultural norms within the country. As a more traditional place that is relatively new to tourism, you may find that the best way to integrate yourself is to blend in as much as possible. Dress conservatively, but stay open to the friendliness of the people and the charm of the country. Myanmar internships will give you access to connecting with your local community, and your cultural considerations will help you do so more comfortably.

As a place that has not always been open to tourists and foreign visitors, Myanmar has begun to embrace those looking to experience something special. With the newness of sharing its culture, you will continuously be surprised and left in awe with everything you will experience. So take a chance, and find the right internship in Myanmar for you!

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Internships Abroad in Myanmar


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