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Rabat Internship Program

The Boston University is offering the Rabat Internship Program, which provides students with the opportunity to explore, live, and learn the language and culture of the Middle East and of North America. The program provides an intensive study of Arabic language, coursework, excursions, and homestays. Program participants enroll in one or two intensive language courses offered at the beginni...


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Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad arranges customized group service-learning trips for schools, universities, companies, and other organizations. With hundreds of projects to choose from in over 30 countries, we will tailor your trip to the individual needs of your group and guide you every step of the way. You chose the dates, location, project focus, and goals. With over 600 staff working for Projects A...


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World Internships

Do you want to enhance your knowledge and expertise in Morocco? Join any of the programs offered by World Internships (WI) in Morocco. If you have a background in nursing, midwifery, and medicine, we have medical internships. If you wish to specialize in photojournalism, participate in our photojournalism internships. Other than these, we have a wide range of programs - from youth development t...


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Journalism Internship in Morocco

Are you are journalism student or recent graduate? This program is for you! Students with a background in journalism and a good grasp of English are welcome to apply to this program which is designed to give a practical taste of what working within an international agency is all about. While experiencing a new country and culture, volunteers will have the opportunity to gain first-hand e...


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Intern in Morocco with World Endeavors

World Endeavors' Intern in Morocco program offers participants a chance to gain real world experience in a fascinating and stimulating location. A country with Arab, Berber, French, Jewish, and Spanish influences - Morocco offers a complex and unique cultural experience. Participants will be placed in Rabat, the country's capital and center of a much-revered textile industry. With placements in...


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Intern Abroad in Morocco

MCAS offers various placements in these areas: Human Rights, Education, Children in Need, Women’s Empowerment, Microfinance, Journalism, NGO Support, Midwifery, Nursing and more through partnerships with local NGOs and international NGOs (non-government organizations) such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, the UN and more, if participants wish for some valuable experi...


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The Language House

Come and join The Language House for an affordable and unforgettable journey to acquiring a teaching post in Morocco. Often native English speakers come to Morocco thinking that all they need to find an English teaching post is a CELTA certificate. Unfortunately, due to a highly competitive market, a certificate is often not enough to gain a post. The Language House helps its clients navigate t...