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A Guide to Internships Abroad in Malta

Malta, a popular tourist destination and Mediterranean port, is the perfect setting for your internship abroad! This small island nation lies in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Italy and offers interns the chance to benefit from its warm climate and even warmer community. You can take advantage of the nation’s tourism culture and fulfill an internship in Malta in hospitality or hotel management, or, if marketing is more fitting, you could train with some of the region’s top professionals. From its numerous, enchanting bays to the highest point of Ta’Dmejrek, Malta’s landscapes will be your oasis while interning abroad.


With over 7,000 years of history, the Maltese islands are steeped in culture and history. Current cultural norms stem from the historic traditions of Spain, France, and England, which all had turns as rulers of the islands until the 1960s, when Malta declared independence and became a member of the European Union in 2003. One of the most popular Mediterranean ports, Malta hosts a variety of international opportunities and advantages for international interns. 

In the capital city of Valletta, an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, interns will find themselves surrounded by many areas of heritage and culture to be explored. The boom of tourism makes this city the best place in Malta for internships in hotel management, hospitality, and marketing. The arts have always played a large role in Maltese culture, and Valletta has been bestowed the honor of being selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2018, and in preparation Malta has begun a cultural revival to prepare for the festivities.

St. Paul’s Bay, is another Maltese favorite for internships in finance or international trade. In the last several years there has been a surge of tourism to this northern part of the island, and although it is a modern tourist area, it is surrounded by beautiful natural attractions. The appeal of this charming village lies not only in its vast rocky coastline, and the Greek-influenced buildings, but the hospitality of the people. St. Paul’s Bay will offer interns the chance to immerse themselves in Maltese commrence while enjoying the quaintness of small-town living.

Just north of the capital city lies Saint Julian’s, initially a fishing village that has turned into a summer residence for wealthy locals. This up-and-coming city has cultivated a reputation as a “go-to” destination worldwide and has developed into one of the island’s most exclusive resort towns. Interns can spend their days learning about high-class luxury hospitality and hotel management, and spend their nights on one of the many outdoor patios near Spinola Bay, indulging in some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine and watching the lights reflect on the bay.  If you like to eat well, shop, and enjoy a night out internships in this city are for you!

Internships in Malta

As a popular port of culture, Malta finds itself swimming in tourism which allows interns to benefit from a variety of tourism internship opportunities. Interns interested in hospitality could not ask for a better location than these inviting islands, which have seen their visitor numbers grow exponentially with the influx of summer residents and eager tourists from near and far. Internships in Malta in the hotel industry generally last between four and six months, and interns must be able to speak English to apply. 

Go-getters are encouraged to seek out internships in Malta’s fast-paced advertising and marketing sectors, which have helped make the country a go-to tourist destination. Interns may even get the chance to contribute to Malta becoming a hotspot filming location, so students interested in theatre, film, or media would be smart to choose internships in Malta too!

Interns interested in learning more about healthcare in Malta had better prepare themselves for a tough, but exciting challenge. With it’s central location, Malta has a history as the “hospital of the Mediterranean” which will benefit international interns greatly. Keep in mind: you’ll need previous experience in the field to qualify for most healthcare internships in Malta.

Hospitality, media, and marketing are just some of the outstanding internships that are offered in charming Malta. Other internship opportunities in Malta include teaching English and finance placements.

Most, if not all internships on Malta require an intermediate level of English language skills, but interns aren’t expected to know Maltese before they arrive. It is a beautiful language though, so you’ll want pick up on at least a little of it while interning in Malta.

Interns will be relieved to know that most Malta supervisors are consummate professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you benefit from your internship experience. In fact, there are a lot of opportunities to advance your career through internships in Malta. On this densely-populated island, interns can enhance their internship by learning how the past and present can blend into an enduring lesson in the art of living.

Salary & Costs

If you are eager to intern abroad on an island with a laid-back feel, there are few things you should know before you go. First, Internships in Malta are generally unpaid, but the networking you can do while interning may lead to a position in some of the finest hotels or marketing firms in the world (sounds worth it, right?). You will gain invaluable experience in fields that are becoming harder to break into too. And don’t worry, there are numerous scholarships and stipends available to aid in funding your internship costs.

Second, Malta is a summer resort and tourist destination, so like any hotspot, prices will increase greatly during peak tourist seasons and dip back down during the off-season. Simple, modern studio apartments in St. Julian’s will run about $400 Euros a month, and average costs for food and attractions are on par with most Western European countries.

Accommodation & Visas

Most internship providers in Malta will help interns find accommodations on the island, including searching for dorms or studio apartments. Interns will also have the option of looking for shared apartments, but will have to check local listings and should speak with their local Maltese contacts to find the best deals and locations.

European citizens do not need to obtain visas to intern abroad in Malta since it is part of the E.U., but citizens who lie outside the Schengen zone will need to obtain visas. Most internship providers or employers will be happy to assist interns in obtaining the appropriate visa. For the latest information on visas for Malta, consult GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Lights, camera, action! If this place seems familiar to you, you might just be a Game of Thrones fan! This country plays host to some of the most iconic scenes in the popular show and you might just find yourself playing an extra in your spare time.

A little bit of everything! Maltese cuisine has influences from Sicilian and English cultures, as well as a touch Spanish and Provencal. They play with a number of variations on traditional cuisines so living in Malta, you will never be left craving the delights of the region.

Plan ahead. Traveling outside of Malta is a challenge due to its location. There is a small airport on the island with direct flights to Istanbul, Heathrow, and Rome, as well as fairies to Italy, but either option will tack on extra expenses and time so travelers should plan accordingly.

Ease of Communication. Malta’s main languages are Maltese and English so students who aren’t fluent in either of these languages may have a difficult time navigating life on the island.

With the plethora of benefits you’ll experience interning abroad in Malta, we know you’re career will thank us. Just make sure you send us a postcard from the island!

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A Guide To
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