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Malawi - Wildlife Rescue Center

Due to an increase in deforestation and the struggles between man and wildlife, many of Malawi's wild animals are losing their natural habitats and are often found injured or in severe distress. The project offers a safe haven for these animals, assisting in their recovery and rehabilitation and, wherever possible, releasing them back into the wild. Those can cannot be released find a permanent...


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Medical and Community Upliftment Project in Malawi

Rural Malawi suffers an extremely high incidence of diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and bilharzias due to poverty and limited access to primary health care. Superstitious traditional beliefs regarding treatment and prevention of certain diseases, especially HIV/Aids, also hampers effective handling thereof. African Impact offers a varied range of medical volunteer opportunities in local hosp...


NGO Management Internship in Malawi

Malawi is one of the smallest countries in Africa and also one of the poorest nations on the planet with 90% subsisting below the poverty line. Landlocked between Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique, it’s also one of the world’s least developed countries and remains heavily dependent on international aid. Many initiatives have been put into place to gain financial independence and improve condition...


Internship: Shadow AIDE

If you are passionate about working with children and learning about their behaviors, you’re the perfect candidate for this internship program. SOLS 24/7 is seeking a committed Shadow Aide for this placement. You will support kids with diverse needs and abilities, helping them to succeed in school settings. Help them to integrate into the mainstream learning environment for the entire school...