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Looking for a gap year unlike any other? Winterline Global Education offers skills-based gap, semester and summer programs for young adults with an adventurous spirit and an interest in the world around them. You will learn real-world skills to prepare you for college, life, and career while traveling the world and exploring your passions. Are you ready to travel? Gain practical life ski...


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Unlike other "cookie cutter" internship programs, we work like recruiters to secure you a customized internship placement. This program is ideal for a mature student who is comfortable traveling abroad alone with remote support, as opposed to local support. We do all the work that goes into securing you your dream internship, and you are responsible for securing your own housing. Partici...


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Placement Italy is an Italian company with the mission of helping international students and graduates that are looking for internships and jobs in Italy. Placement Italy has partners in all the most important cities in Italy, such as Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Rome, Turin, Venice and Verona. In order to become a partner, companies have to meet Placement Italy requirements. Int...


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Gain an international work experience by doing an internship program in Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Participants work with local people on a variety of projects, depending on your field of studies. Italian companies participating in the program do not require interns to speak Italian. You must be fluent in english and commit for a minimum of six weeks. Contact I...


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An internship abroad teaching English is a fantastic way to live overseas and get paid to travel the world! Armed with an International TEFL Academy TEFL TESOL certification, you will be able to work abroad teaching English while getting paid. After completing the TEFL training program, you can quickly begin working in major cities throughout the world. Teaching English as a Foreign Languag...


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Stay for free at beautiful countryside resorts while helping Italians improve their language skills? Welcome to Angloville. We provide a unique experience during which you can immerse yourself in the Italian culture, try local food, meet the locals in a beautiful countryside setting - all during a language immersion programme in which you will also share your culture in English. Provi...


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Come and join The Language House for an affordable and unforgettable journey to acquiring a teaching post in Italy. Often native English speakers come to Italy thinking that all they need to find an English teaching post is a CELTA certificate. Unfortunately, due to a highly competitive market, a certificate is often not enough to gain a post. The Language House helps its clients navigate throu...


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Travel to Italy with us and stay with an Italian family for up to 3 months, and have unforgettable language, travel and cultural experiences. Spend your days living as a local I a beautiful region of Italy, and teach English, French or German as a language assistant to your host family. This programme gives you the opportunity to improve your language and teaching skills, live like an Italian l...

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Interning Abroad in Venice

Not many cities have been made UNESCO World Heritage Sites in their entireties. Then again not many cities are as historically significant and architecturally wondrous as Venice, Italy. Once upon a time the dominating commercial port of the Western world, Venice has since become a magnet for tourism, trade, and fine artisanship. Completing internships in Venice will allow individuals to live in one of the most magnificently unique and romantically beautiful cities on the face of the earth. The biggest challenge of interning in Venice may be bringing yourself to leave.

Internships in Venice

Internships in Venice can take on a variety of forms. Though the city has ancient roots in commercial supremacy, today the primary industry is tourism, as nearly 3 million visitors descend upon Venice every year. If you are interested in the tourism or hospitality industries, then Venice offers a premier destination to gain international work experience. Business and marketing internships are also available, though not as common for interning in Venice.

Venice is also a great place to intern abroad in the arts, it boasts a reputable fashion industry and is also very influential in the fields of music and fine craftsmanship. The romantic backdrop of Venice cannot help but inspire young artists to seek fulfillment in any one of these fields. There are many museums and historical venues which offer a great supplement to internship work in Venice. Internships in Venice in all fields often combine intern work with some form of Italian language study.

Internships in Venice are most common in the summer months, as Venice has an increasing tendency to severely flood throughout the rainier winter season. Locals are accustomed to the acqua alta, where many of the city streets become covered in high water levels, but this can sometimes make life difficult for foreigners living in Venice for the first time. Internships typically last anywhere from a few weeks to multiple months, depending on your placement provider.

Life in Venice

Built on the Venetian lagoon, Venice is actually a series of 118 small islands intricately connected by a system of bridges and canals. It is quite literally a floating city, located on the northern coastline of the Adriatic sea. One of the most distinctive features of Venice is the fact that no cars are allowed on the streets of the city, meaning that locals get around purely by foot or by water transport. Though Venice is famous for gondolas, these have mostly become a tourist attraction and water taxis are a much more popular form of public transport.

Venice is not only world-renowned for its physical beauty, but also for the fine artisanship of its thriving local culture. Though it is most famous for its ornate glass work and mask making, the city has also been deeply influential in the development of music and the arts throughout Italy’s history. Living and interning in Venice will present interns with no shortage of artistic wonders and culturally immersive opportunities, to enrich their time interning abroad. The many festivals (most notably the Carnival of Venice) also contribute to a lively local environment which governs the streets year round.

Salary & Costs

The daily cost of living can be a bit steep in Venice, as it is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, but it is no more expensive than other similar cities throughout Europe. Interns abroad in Venice will learn to stay away from the most popular tourist places and do most of their eating and shopping in the backstreets with locals. That’s where the more authentic Venetian (affordable) experiences lie anyway.

Most internships in Venice will not be paid, but many offer compensation in the form of room and board. Some offer a reasonable stipend to interns as well, depending on the field of placement, and there are also few paid internship opportunities available.

Accommodation & Visas

Individuals who intern abroad in Venice may be offered the opportunity to live in a homestay or in apartment-style living. Homestays are a great way to engage closely with the local culture by living with a Venetian family. At the same time, it is hard to complain about living in your own apartment while interning in Venice. Do some research on the available options and decide which living situation will be most comfortable for you. Intern abroad programs in Venice will often help interns secure housing in any form.

If you are not a European national, then you will need to obtain a visa if you are planning to intern in Venice for more than 90 days. This is a fairly simple process to undergo and will often be guided by your intern abroad program or prospective employer.

Benefits & Challenges

“Unique” hardly does justice to the city of Venice. It is truly a one-of-a-kind place, equal parts floating historical phenomenon and thriving modern city. Whatever your field of interest, Venice has an aura of magnificence which will inspire the interns to reach for the greatest heights of achievement during their internship abroad. Beginning your international career in the birthplace of Marco Polo, Claudio Monteverdi, and Antonio Vivaldi, will provide the defining experience of a lifetime and give you the chance to enjoy the lively and hospitable culture which makes Italy so great.

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