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A Guide to Internships Abroad in Milan

Milan is one the largest and most energetic cities in all of Europe — the streets filled with young entrepreneurs overflowing with ideas and ambition. What better way to get your foot in the door of an international career than with an internship abroad in this motivating city?! Whether you’re a fashionista, a businessman, or a lover of food and art, Milan offers it all. Interns will fall in love with a pulsing energy, Renaissance roots, and gelato flavors while gaining experience in a fast-paced work environment. Get ready to experience the best Italy has to offer with an internship in Milan!

Life in Milan

Milan is more than just a work-obsessed city. It’s the story of Italian post-war development, living la vita moda (the stylish life), indulging in cotoletta (juicy, buttery veal), and basking in the beautiful history of Renaissance art. Students will never run out of things to do while interning in Milan.

In your free time, visit the Design Museum, explore the Milan Cathedral, Santa Maria delle’ Grazie, Duomo, or Triennale Museum to soak in ancient Italian art and architecture. Take a break to relax at a cozy café and chat with friends over a cappuccino, grab an aperitivo (after-work drink) with coworkers, or treat yourself to a feast in the land where Italian cuisine was born.

Milan is the perfect Italian city for an internship abroad, as it is much more affordable than other Italian cities. While some internship employers help organize housing in dorms or homestays, most interns rent their own apartment flats. If you split the rent with another intern, you’re sure to save enough euros to live comfortably and feast like you’re part of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

While most of Italy emanates “il dolce far niente” lifestyle, literally meaning “the sweetness of doing nothing,” Milan features a fast-paced atmosphere. Despite the business, you’ll still get a taste of the laidback Italian lifestyle outside of the office as an intern in Milan. You may work hard during internship hours, but be prepared to slow down and relax when the office is closed. Locals take every opportunity to sip a glass of wine with friends while sharing funny stories or meeting for happy hour cocktails and tasty snacks. Shops and restaurants shut down from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. while the city takes an afternoon nap, but the city comes to life again late at night.

Milan authenticity comes out in the language. In other Italian cities, locals cater to tourists and speak English out of frustration with beginner Italian skills. In Milan, be prepared to speak Italian. Most internships require you to balance your placement with Italian classes since you will likely need to speak the language while working. Need more practice? Non c'è problema! Order an espresso at a café, chat with new friends over osobucco, or put on your brave face and shop at an Italian market – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice the language (and your hand gestures) everywhere you go!

Milan is the best location to experience modern Italy. Soak in the historical architecture, update your wardrobe with cutting edge fashion, embrace the thriving nightlife, and indulge your taste buds! There is never a dull moment when you intern abroad in Milan when there’s so much to explore. 

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