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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel’s second largest city, is one of the largest and most globally connected economic hubs in the world, making it the perfect destination for future international professionals to seek out an internship abroad. Sitting pristinely on the country’s western Mediterranean coastline and boasting a highly modern infrastructure, Tel Aviv is a fun city with a young pulse and dynamic culture. Intern abroad in Tel Aviv for an epic and productive experience in one of the Middle East’s most highly regarded cities.

Internships in Tel Aviv

As the second most important financial center in the Middle East (after Abu Dhabi), it is possible to intern abroad in Tel Aviv across a wide variety of different professional sectors. The internships in Tel Aviv listed on this page are a great place to begin the search; many of these internship programs will not only help you land a placement in the city, but will help organize many more details such as housing and visas as well.

Tel Aviv is currently most famous for being a major hub of technological innovation and scientific research. It is routinely ranked as a top tier destination for startups because of the young, dynamic spirit which drives its economy. Technology, computer science, graphic design, and biomedical science are all examples of fields where cutting edge research and innovation is taking place everyday.

Other fields where it can be very fruitful to intern abroad in Tel Aviv include finance, media, and the arts. Not only is Tel Aviv a major economic hub (it currently boasts one of the more successful stock exchanges in the world), but it is also the face of Israel’s youth movement with a very enriching cultural scene in music, theater, film, and more.

Life in Tel Aviv

While the Tel Aviv city proper has a population of just around 400,000 Israeli citizens, the metropolitan area is home to nearly 3.5 million people, which constitutes almost half of the country’s population. From this statistic alone you can gain some insight into just how important Tel Aviv is to the small Middle Eastern nation, and why it is such a rewarding place to intern abroad.

Tel Aviv is not only world-renowned for its economic importance and spirit of innovation, but also for its thriving nightlife and exciting cultural opportunities. Nicknamed the “city that never sleeps” because of the 24 hour buzz which enlivens the city, there will be no shortage of opportunities for both work and play while you intern abroad in Tel Aviv. Throughout the city you will find many great restaurants, bars, theaters, museums, public parks, performance art centers, and more.

Also located directly on the Mediterranean coastline, you can take a trip down to the beach whenever you want to just relax for a day while you intern abroad in Tel Aviv. Transportation around the city right now is easiest via bus or taxi, but Tel Aviv is also currently constructing a light rail system which is set to open in 2020.  It is also Israel’s main transportation hub, making travel throughout the rest of the country a breeze!

Salary & Costs

Because it is currently booming economically, Tel Aviv is one of the more expensive cities where to intern abroad in the world. However the good news is that many internships can compensate you with a sufficient salary or stipend by which to get by comfortably. Still as in any major city, internships in Tel Aviv can be either paid or unpaid, so take this into consideration when searching for the perfect internship program.

Accommodation & Visas

The most common forms of housing if you intern abroad in Tel Aviv are either a homestay or living independently in a flat. Each have their pros and cons; homestays can be a great opportunity for cultural immersion, while living in a flat  (usually with roommates) can provide a greater degree of autonomy during your internship in Tel Aviv. Talk to your internship provider about what what your best housing options may be in Tel Aviv.

Israel’s visa policy depends on your home country and the duration of your internship in Tel Aviv. Many interns will only have to apply for a visa if they plan on staying in the country for longer than six months (or if their internship is paid). You can check out our Israeli Embassy Directory for more information regarding your individual situation.

Benefits & Challenges

Ride the Wave. Tel Aviv was recently ranked as the second most innovative city in the world, meaning that big things are happening here which will affect the entire globe. If you want to test out some ideas of your own, join the movement.

Cut Loose. Tel Aviv is also one of the top travel destinations in the Middle East, accepting over 1 million visitors each year, because it is quite simply a very fun and exciting city to live in. It won’t all be work during your internship abroad in Tel Aviv.

Expand Horizons. Interning abroad in Tel Aviv is a great opportunity to break out of your cultural comfort zone while also networking with other global professionals. Being an expatriate can be challenging, but the personal and professional rewards are infinitely worth it. 

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A Guide To
Interning Abroad in Tel Aviv


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GoEco - Top Volunteer Organization

Be part of an up and coming vegan bakery. The owner is a passionate chef with a great deal of knowledge in cooking and baking. He is a wonderful mentor who knows a lot about baking and running a successful business. He is constantly creating and inventing new vegan deserts by using creative food products that are vegan-friendly. For example, he omits butter and milk, so he makes his own substit...


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Young Judaea

Young Judaea’s WUJS Intern is a 5-month internship program that gives your resume the unique and international competitive edge to stand out among any crowd. You’ll combine a tailor-made professional internship in the field of your choice with living like a local in beautiful Israeli apartments in Tel Aviv or Haifa. Internship options include: high tech, medical research, journalism, market...


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Abraham Hostels & Tours

Looking for work experience in Jerusalem? Abraham Hostels & Tours is offering a Tours Intern position. If you can lead projects without supervision and have a high level of initiative, this internship opportunity is perfect. You will participate in, analyze, and research tours as part of case studies; give feedback on pilot and existing tours to offer travelers perspective; and spot check and h...


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Top Israel Interns

Top Israel Interns provides prestigious internships in a wide variety of fields and professions. Our six-week Summer programs, and our five-month programs (Spring, or Fall), are perfect for those looking to boost their career, and enter the job market. Explore our internship options today. Get ready for an unbelievable professional experience abroad with Top Israel Interns. We provide you with...


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Israel/ Palestine: Community, Neighborhood & Urban Planning

Join an amazing organization in Israel that works to empower communities during planning processes, from Bedouins gaining title to their land to Palestinian villagers learning to gain title to their land and not become subject to removals or demolition. The group currently needs - Grant/ proposal writers - Architects and urban planners to help local citizens learn the planning process and...


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Cool and Creative? Be an Intern in Israel with OnlinePianist

OnlinePianist is a young and dynamic company with a very cool piano teaching application. We are looking for like minded interns that are looking to work on a new and innovative product in the online music world. If you are looking to get an experience on the various professions that the Internet world has to offer you, welcome aboard!


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Career Israel Tel Aviv Track

Spend five months in Tel Aviv, Israel’s first modern Jewish city, in this highly enriching internship! You will live and work in a dynamic destination, often referred to as “the city that never stops” because of every possible entertainment activities and a nightlife that goes on until morning. Together with other Career Israel interns, who generally include international college graduates, ...


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Internships in English in Tel Aviv

Find out the secrets of Israeli creativity and innovation on a short or long-term internship program in Tel Aviv – and they are 100 percent in English. Live in a shared apartment with other young people on the program (age 18-30), learn some cool modern Israeli Hebrew, travel around the country, and learn more about what Israel is really like. Let us know what field you want to work in, and ...


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Masa Israel Journey

Masa Israel Journey offers internship placements in the startup nation at companies like Deloitte, EY, Jerusalem Venture Partners, Visa, and more. Interns will have the opportunity to create the next great Israeli innovation and work with top corporations or emerging startups in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Program advisors will help interns select the perfect program and placement, and help them ...


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Arabic Culture & Media

The Arabic Culture and Media course at the University of Haifa International School introduces students whose proficiency in Arabic is on the high intermediate level to the language used in Arabic audio and written media. The course focuses on the vocabulary and grammatical structures of the news items, as well as an analyses of content. In-class activities include listening comprehension and d...