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Desert Days is a phenomenal and unique eco-resort built entirely of local mud and materials. It is situated in the Arava Valley of the Negev Desert in the south of Israel, in a beautiful location. You will learn about sustainable living through hands-on projects in the resort village. Volunteer work mainly consists of construction, maintenance, and renovation of the village. Buildin...


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Stand out from the rest with a culinary arts certification in Israeli, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine! Spend 5 months on the Red Sea exploring the different spices, flavors and cooking styles of the region, honing your skills in large 4 and 5 stars hotel kitchens and exploring the holyland - Israel! The courses would include the following topics (subject to change): - Israeli...


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The five-month (spring and fall) internship program in Israel is a fantastic opportunity for Culinary students to get experience working in five-star resorts in Eilat while earning a culinary certificate. The extremely low-cost program includes all tuition, housing and meals, along with a $200 monthly stipend. Choose either the hospitality or culinary route; and we will take care of everything,...