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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Dublin

Dublin is an old city that, despite its long history, continues to grow like a city half its age.  Located on the coast, Dublin is accessible by both plane and boat so it is easy to get to. It has beaches, mountains, and parks, for those who prefer the outdoors, but it is also home to some of the best parties (Bram Stoker Festival, anyone?). Dublin has an enviable cultural quarter that goes far beyond Temple Bar. Whether you’re a music lover, a foodie, or a history buff, internships in Dublin may be perfect for you!

Internships in Dublin

Dublin is a thriving metropolis with a young, multicultural population of over 1 million people. As the capital of Ireland, it attracts many businesses and organizations looking to build a base in a city center less expensive than London or Paris. The diverse (and diversifying) economy of Dublin means interns can find placements at corporations, start-ups, NGOs, NPOs, hospitals, clinics, small businesses, and many more places. This variety also means that interns have a high likelihood of finding an internship placement in Dublin within their skillset, and one that is aligned with their career goals.

Dublin is home to 10 of the largest tech companies in the world, so it is a great place for anyone involved in computer programming, information systems, engineering, and graphic design to intern abroad. Those interested in marketing and advertising will find a number of advertising agencies, publications, and NPOs that offer internships in Dublin.

Additionally, Dublin is home to many schools of all levels, so those looking to get experience in school administration or teaching will find plenty of education internship options, ranging from elementary to higher-education. Finally, for those preparing for a career in medicine, there are hospitals, clinics, and some private practices that offer an excellent chance for interns to participate in both observation and hands-on training.

These are only a few of the available internships in Dublin. Beyond these, prospective interns should also consider inquiring directly with placement providers that provide customizable internships in Dublin to see what other options there are in more specialized fields.

Life in Dublin

A day in the life of an intern generally starts with a self-made breakfast at their living arrangements before walking to catch the bus or train to their workplace. After a morning’s work they may meet up with friends or coworkers for lunch in a nearby café or park, then return to the office for the afternoon’s activities. Once working hours are done, it’s not unusual for interns to grab a drink or chat with friends at a local pub before heading home to prepare and eat dinner.

As in any workplace environment, cheerfulness, politeness, and a good work ethic will be prized and appreciated. Interns will usually be assigned a workplace supervisor and should not feel uncomfortable asking them for advice or help in learning their how to carry  out their internship responsibilities.

Though workers should always be on time or early for work and scheduled meetings, outside of business hours interns may encounter something known as “Irish Time.” For example, when a group of friends decides to meet somewhere at 11 a.m., don’t be surprised if noone shows up much before noon. Irish time dictates a slower pace, and there is no penalty for those running behind.

Salary & Costs

Though every situation is different, the majority of internships in Dublin that are arranged through placement providers or sponsors are unpaid. Internship placement providers will usually include the cost of internship placement, housing, insurance, and other services in a packaged program price, but other incidentals may not be included. It’s important to determine what is or isn’t covered by your internship provider before determining your budget.

Dublin is a major world capital and, as such, can be expensive. Expect to pay around $15 for a meal at an inexpensive restaurant and $5 for a pint of beer. A one-way ticket on local transportation will cost around $3, and the cost of groceries and other entertainment will be on par with the cost of living in a major U.S. city like Chicago.  For those interested in fashion, be aware that while large clothing chains will have prices similar to what you spend at home, handmade clothing or goods will have a significant price hike.

Some internships in Dublin may include travel stipends and homestay arrangements with meals, but it is important to save money prior to your internship regardless. Talk with your supervisor about suggested budgets, and while interning abroad be sure to ask colleagues or onsite staff to recommend stores, entertainment, and travel options that won’t break the bank.

Accommodation & Visas

Most internships in Dublin will offer housing as part of comprehensive internship packages. Provider or agency-sourced housing is generally comes in the form of shared apartments, homestays, or shared houses with other interns. Those participating in an internship combined with a study component may also be able to stay in student housing.

For those who would rather have a private apartment or single room, it is best to inquire about options through your internship placement agency before pursuing independent housing arrangements. Many internship program providers will offer a single room upgrade or may be able to assist your housing search through their established contacts.

Keep in mind that Dublin has a variety of buildings and architecture, and space is premium. Apartments or offices that fully adhere to European standards may not be as large or as well insulated as what many North Americans are used to.

Though the recent migration crisis in Europe has seen the closing of some borders and certain visa restrictions enacted, Ireland immigration policies have remained comparatively open and unchanged.

Those participating in unpaid internships in Dublin for a duration of less than 90 days will be able to stay in Ireland without a visa. On the other hand, those participating in longer internship programs or paid internships will need to apply for a Short Term or Working Holiday visa before arrival. No matter what visa is required, your employer or internship placement provider in Ireland will often facilitate the visa process. To apply directly for your visa through an Irish immigration office, you will need proof of medical insurance and your internship agreement, such as an offer letter or signed contract.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Dublin is an excellent city to intern abroad in due to the wealth of international companies and organizations that call the city home. With so many types of workplaces to choose from, it’s a great location to find your ideal internship in Ireland.

Though slight linguistic variants exist, the English spoken in Ireland should be familiar and easy to understand.

The Irish people are welcoming, warm, and friendly, so it shouldn’t be hard to make friends!

Public transportation is convenient and affordable. Although, depending on the distance between your housing and workplace, you may have to budget extra time for the daily commute. Also, it is still important to keep in mind that Dublin is a major world capital, so the cost of living may be steeper than what you are used to at home (depending on where you are from).

Having an internship in Dublin on your resume is a huge benefit for anyone entering the job market or applying to grad school.

Read our comprehensive guide on interning abroad in Ireland.

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