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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Cork, Ireland

So you want to intern abroad? Enter the city of revitalization and new beginnings. Ireland’s “real capital” of Cork features a beautiful waterfront, artisan-hipster cafes, cozy pubs, and live music on every cobble-stoned street corner. But the city was not always so trendy. Since being hit massively by the recent economic recession, Cork has been reinventing itself into a youthful, cosmopolitan city of opportunity. With high standards in education and business development, Cork is the perfect location for interning abroad!

What you need to know about interning abroad in Cork, Ireland

Located in Southwest Ireland on the River Lee, Cork is the country’s second largest city. It is nicknamed the “Rebel City” of Ireland, featuring a liberal, upbeat community to contrast the old-fashioned medieval streets. With its young population and growing business market, there are many opportunities to Intern abroad in Cork.

Popular types of internships in Cork. Cork features internship placements for every individual. Some of the most popular internship placements are in the advertising and marketing fields, where interns can work on advertising campaigns, develop creative briefs, or conduct marketing research. Other placements are perfect for pre-med students, and interns have the opportunity to work in a hospital alongside nurses or shadowing doctors. Others may choose internship placements in environmental sustainability, tourism, or hospitality so you can explore all sides of the Emerald Isle!

Short-term and summer internships vs. long-term internships in Cork. With Cork’s youthful vibes, there is no doubt that most internships abroad in Cork target the younger population. Opportunities are endless for students and recent grads, and most placements can be taken for college credit. For this reason, long-term internships are especially popular, lasting for a semester or a year. Short-term placements are more difficult to find in the more professional fields, but if you land one, your time is sure to be jam-packed with learning and fun.

Paid vs. unpaid internships in Cork. Paid internships are few and far between in Cork. Most internships abroad are unpaid, but worth the price in this beautiful Irish city. Some require a program fee, but include accommodation, transportation, and excursions throughout your experience. It is best to save before you arrive in Cork, so you have sufficient funds to travel, explore, and indulge in a sneaky pint after work hours.

Life in Cork for Interns

Interns abroad in Cork will find themselves on an island in the River Lee as they explore the city’s downtown area. Endless waterways and ancient narrow alleys contrast the modern architecture and grand Georgian avenues. Cozy shops, cafes, and restaurants can be found every few steps, and there is never a shortage of pubs to catch up with coworkers during happy hour. On most nights after your internships in Ireland for international students, you’ll hear live Irish folk music, and if you’re lucky, the musicians will be rowdy enough to get caught up with the crowd and you can dance alongside an Irish fiddle!

Most individuals who intern abroad in Cork live in shared apartments with other interns, and in their free time will explore the magical surroundings together. Visit iconic Blarney, only 15 minutes from Cork, where you can explore the castle and surrounding gardens and caves, and kiss the Blarney stone for good luck! Others may head to Killarney, Ring of Kerry, or the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher. Interns can even take it international with a weekend ferry ride to Wales!

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for International Interns in Cork, Ireland

An internship abroad in Cork is the perfect location for fun-loving interns. The Irish may be hard workers, but the work environment is casual. Jokes will be cracked, pints will be shared, and there will rarely be a time when your coworkers won’t be laughing or smiling. If you have that endless positive attitude and a desire to have fun, then Cork is the place for you!

While interning abroad in Cork, don’t forget to indulge in the foodie scene. While you’re sure to eat your fair share of hearty meat, cabbage, and potatoes, there is more to the Irish cuisine in Cork. As Cork is surrounded by water, you can’t go wrong with fish and chips. Fill your bellies at KC & Sons & Sons or Lennox Fish and Chips for some freshly caught cod. Visit the English Market for organic, locally produced goodies. And spend the weekends feasting on a true Irish breakfast of freed eggs, bacons, sausages, hash browns, and black and white pudding. You certainly won’t go hungry in Cork!

If you’re young and seeking an adventure that will boost your resume, then look no further than an internship abroad in Cork. As you enter the professional workforce, you will also have the opportunity to settle into this youthful city, meet new friends, and travel through Ireland and its surroundings. Join the craic (fun) for internships in Ireland for international students, filled with laughter, dancing, and endless green!

Thank your lucky stars! Don’t forget to read our comprehensive guide on interning abroad in Ireland for even more info and opportunities.

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A Guide To
Interning Abroad in Cork, Ireland


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