Internships Abroad in Cork

    Internships Abroad in Cork

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    A Guide To Interning Abroad in Cork

    So you want to intern abroad? Enter the city of revitalization and new beginnings. Ireland’s “real capital” of Cork features a beautiful waterfront, artisan-hipster cafes, cozy pubs, and live music on every cobble-stoned street corner. But the city was not always so trendy. Since being hit massively by the recent economic recession, Cork has been reinventing itself into a youthful, cosmopolitan city of opportunity. With high standards in education and business development, Cork is the perfect location for interning abroad!

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    Business & Marketing Internships with PII in Ireland

    Premier Internships Ireland (PII) serves up a typical Irish internship a little differently: instead of pairing you with work opportunities in Dublin, we want to connect you to the real Ireland - Cork County, to be exact. PII matches interns at start ups in smaller, more ...

    USIT Work & Travel Ireland

    Are you a US student or recent graduate? Or are you an 18-35 year old Canadian? USIT has the perfect opportunity for you to live and work in Ireland for 4 months to 2 Years on a Working Holiday Visa. This is an opportunity to gain valuable international work and life experiences ...

    BUNAC - Work in Ireland

    BUNAC's Work in Ireland program allows current students or recent graduates the opportunity to live, work and travel anywhere in Ireland for 4 or 12 months. BUNAC will help secure the visa and find jobs and accommodation. Ireland has an incredibly youthful culture with half ...

    ESL - Language Courses and Internship Abroad

    Participants begin this program from ESL - Language studies abroad by following an intensive language course for a minimum of four weeks. This process is done to evaluate each participant's language level. The program's internship component provides participants with the ...

    Marketing Internships in Cork with EZC Study Abroad

    Looking for an authentic experience in Ireland’s real capital? EZC Study Abroad’s exciting marketing internship in Cork combines the best of work experience with cultural and social engagement. Apart from the placement, we offer housing through EazyCity - our our sister company, ...

    Internship Opportunities in Dublin, Ireland

    Take on your dream internship in Dublin through Internship Makers! As an international agency organizing internships for ambitious students from around the globe, we guarantee an opportunity that matches your skill, study background, and area of interest. Let's find your ...

    Internship Makers - Internships and accommodation abroad

    CTL Ireland - Affordable Volunteering and Internships

    CTL’s volunteer and internship programs allow participants to contribute their skills and energy to support local organizations in achieving their goals. We have carefully selected a number of host organizations which provide participants with worthwhile and challenging work ...

    Internships in Ireland

    There is no better place to learn English than in Ireland, a country renowned for the warmth and friendliness of its people. It is a small but lively city with a population of 150,000. The stunning natural beauty of its landscapes and coasts and the richness of its music, ...

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