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Information Systems Internships Abroad

The world continues to get flatter and flatter — in the sense of technology! More than ever before, countries all over the world need personnel to understand technology platforms, from programming to coding to networking to having the ability to effectively and efficiently help businesses grow. From Europe to Down Under, you’ll find internships in information systems anywhere in the world. With an information systems internship abroad under your technology toolbelt, you could work in nearly any job sector of your choosing. Why wait?!

Why Seek Out Internships Abroad

Information systems is one of the fastest growing occupations in the world, and job openings for this field are increasing by the minute. Whether you’d like to become the next Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg, an international information systems internship will arm you with valuable global knowledge. You’ll be working in challenging environments where you’ll pick up a new language and learn cross-cultural skills that will be highly beneficial. Plus, you’ll be networking with professionals who can help you secure future jobs.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to ride the bullet train in Japan or take a gondola ride in Italy on their way to an internship? You can’t see the Berlin Wall or the Great Barrier Reef in your own country! With so many choices to choose from, you’ll be able to find short-term or long-term computer information systems internships — whether you want a taste of this field while exploring another country or you’re planning to immerse yourself to become a future expat abroad.


So many location choices, so little time. Computers may work in binary, but your choice of countries isn’t! With so many countries at your fingertips, you’ll need to decide the location that will best fit both your interests and professional needs.

China. Go outside of your comfort zone with an management information systems internships in this global powerhouse. With a booming economy that continues to grow in the technology sector, Chinese businesses are in high demand of worker bees. Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong are industrial and commercial centers that will boost your career and widen your international horizons. Savor the Eastern cultural flavors in your free time: Stroll through the Tiananmen Square, walk along the Great Wall, immerse yourself in the Yonghe Temple, and more!

Australia. The most populous cities, Sydney and Melbourne, offer urban atmospheres with plenty of growing businesses, as digital technologies are quickly transforming Australia’s economy. Plus, these two cities are cultural hot spots from the Sydney Opera House to Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens with plenty of music, film, and theatre festivals throughout the year. When you’re not exhausting your circuits at work, relax on the sandy white beaches and satisfy your wild side with adventures from surfing in Byron Bay to scuba diving in Cairns to trekking on Fraser Island.

Germany. Kick-start your career in the land of historic castles and villages. Berlin is an innovative city that brims with artsy festivals and numerous museums and historic sites. From finance to engineering, Berlin will help you gain hands-on experience in a fast-paced culture with a youthful atmosphere. Frankfurt also offers a friendly environment for young professionals with tools for entrepreneurs in an international atmosphere. The serene Rhine river, Staedel Museum, and Hauptwache plaza are a few places that will delight your eyes, to boot. 

Information Systems Internships

Whether you’re looking to develop a hot new app, create a new technical innovation, or start your own business, the possibilities for information systems internships are many. With so many options around the world, you should find the route(r) that meets your interests and expectations.

IT networking companies are among the most popular to hire information systems interns. You’ll be exposed to programming and testing techniques in commercial operations. You could also pick up skills in SEO, marketing, and ecommerce. In many of these internship placements, you’ll need to be able to know some programming languages. 

Web development companies are also in need of technology-savvy interns. In this internship placement, you’ll often be maintaining the infrastructure of the website and providing support for internal users. Many of these companies are looking for interns to develop web applications as well, where you can expose yourself to software engineering concepts. These companies are usually looking for interns who have used test driven development tools.

While technology-oriented companies are the most common placements for information systems interns, but perhaps you’re looking to do something more meaningful with your internship. You could also find placements working at government, educational, and nonprofit institutions, and basically in anything that interests you.

Be familiar with different types of tools, programming languages, and business terms. Internships that are more demanding with technology usually require a bachelor’s degree in a technology field, and more general internships usually require the intern to be enrolled in a university. You also won’t usually need to know the native country of the language, as most businesses know some English, but it would certainly help to know the basics of the foreign language.

Benefits & Challenges

The experiences you download from an internship abroad in information systems will be the building blocks for your career — not to mention that your resume will outshine the rest and go to the top of the stacks (we’re preaching to the choir but, “Duh!” — this field is highly competitive!). With many organizations looking for people who are savvy in technology and business, your dream job is just around the corner.

As the field of information systems covers several areas, such as business, entrepreneurship, computers, and management, you probably won’t get an in-depth coding experience with an internship abroad. You might be overwhelmed with culture shock, gender stereotypes, homesickness, and language barriers while you’re working in a new job environment as well. Be flexible and keep an open mind, you’re interning in another country, so embrace it!

Start “phishing” for international information systems internships that synchronize your qualifications with your desires. What are you waiting for? Be like the internet and get global with an internship abroad in this field!

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