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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Jakarta

Jakarta, the economic and commercial center of Indonesia, is home to international and big companies and one of the populated cities in Asia. It is a home of historic mix of cultures with Javanese, Malay, Arab, Indian, and European Influence. The city of Jakarta is a huge sprawling metropolis is consistently offering numerous internship positions in different sectors. Ready to find your career indo-niche-ia? Find your zen, sweat profusely, and jump start a prosperous future by finding an internship in Jakarta!

Internships in Jakarta

Jakarta is a major hub in Indonesia and the economic center of the country. For years, Jakarta has had steady economic growth, while attracting both local and foreign investors to the country. Today, the city is home to various multinational industries employing both local and foreign employees. At the same time, they also attract many talented individuals for international internships in Jakarta.

The information technology industry in Jakarta is one of the most popular choices for internship placements. Interns placed in the IT sector will get their hands on major tasks such as redesigning websites, suggesting and implementing methods for marketing campaigns and social media marketing and management.

Being one of the Asian Tigers, Indonesia’s economy is growing at a global competitive rate making the economics sector a good option. This placement is geared towards equipping interns in the real workplace through covering areas in working culture, economy and ethics in Indonesia.

Interns can also get involved in education, teaching English language skills by attending and creating various activities for students, staff, business people, and other customers in educational institutes. Interns will be teaching kids from elementary or high school, depending on the availability. You will learn the education system and the environment of a typical Indonesian classes.

The undeniable beauty of Indonesia and the influx of foreign travelers, ranging from budget to luxury lovers, has made the tourism industry a popular area for internship placements. Interns will be placed in organizations like travel agencies, hotels, and other tourism sectors. Interns will assist with administrative and management tasks within the tourism industry.

Do note that if you want to intern abroad in Indonesia, you are not required to have experience in their chosen field. Most host organizations will place you in your desired position according to your experience, field of expertise, course, and interests.

Life in Jakarta

Over the years, Jakarta has evolved into a huge metropolis with an estimated population of 10 million. Located on the northwest coast of Java, Jakarta has grown into country’s economic, cultural, and political center. Jakarta attracts many domestic immigrants who brings their various language, foods, and customs to the city. 

Having an internship in Jakarta could be difficult, as the city suffers from heavy traffic and pollution like other big cities. However, as you get the hang of it, you will definitely find charm at every corner. The city of Jakarta has various big shopping malls, hotels, commercial establishments, and public transportation is convenient. As a major economic zone, it is easy to get from Jakarta to nearby provinces, especially as there are cheap flights to nearby islands and cities.

Life in Jakarta for interns is fast and certainly not for the faint hearted, but on the other hand, there are several great areas to explore. With a mix of Chinese, Malay, and European influence, it is a no brainer to find a mix of heritage sites around every corner, not to mention a large selection of museums and art galleries.

Salaries & Costs

Living in Jakarta can be pricey, unlike other cities in the country. But if you maintain a modest standard of living, you can find all necessities at cheap prices — perfect for the intern abroad’s budget! Shopping in the supermarkets could be more expensive than buying at local shops, for example. As the saying goes, eat where local eats.

Internships in Indonesia (Jakarta included) are generally not salaried for interns. However, interns will be provided with guidance and assistance in transfers, insurance, and living arrangements.There are some businesses who provide their interns with an allowance, bonuses, and other perks, easing the potential financial pressure of internships. Still others offer the possibility of earning academic credits. Be sure to clarify exactly what you will be eligible for with your program provider. 

Accommodation & Visas

When you intern in Jakarta, you will likely be provided with accommodation by the host organization. Program providers typically arrange immersive homestays with local families. But for a more independent lifestyle, interns will be able to choose from an array of choices in accommodation. There is a wide selection of room rentals from a studio type to shared apartments.

Generally, internships in Jakarta run from one to six months. Staying in Indonesia for the whole duration of your internship will require you to apply for the right visa. Prior to arrival, interns should secure the Socio-Cultural Visa, which is valid for six months, and extendable for four months. Application for said visa will require confirmation of an internship from your hosting organization. Upon application, most programs will provide assistance to speed up the process. To find out more, check out the GoAbroad Embassy Directory

Benefits & Challenges

Living in a metropolis with rapid population growth can be stressful. Interning in Jakarta will present challenges at every new comer before you will dance to its island vibe. However, after a few days, living in Jakarta will be fun and exciting. You will be drawn to the local cuisines which are a combination of flavors from settlers over the centuries.

The major religion in the country is Islam. Walking in the streets while showing skin is discouraged, especially when visiting smaller and more remote areas, as people tend to be more conservative. 

You will also be challenged for the hot temperatures in Jakarta. As the country lies in the equatorial region, Indonesia receives a lot of heat during the day. However, being an archipelago, Jakarta tends to be less humid.

Generally, coming to Jakarta for the first time will be a period of major adjustment and learning. You will be introduced to the largest Islamic state and a new cultural experience, where customs and traditions are different to what you are used to. If you are adventurous enough to go along for the ride though, interning abroad in Jakarta might be the most exciting thing you ever do.  

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