Psychology Internships in New Delhi

 Psychology Internships Abroad in New Delhi


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Find and Secure Your Dream Internship in India

Our internship placement solutions are carefully structured around your individual career goals and are coordinated and supervised by experienced consultants, who have experienced India the same way you are planning to. We understand that the internship choice is critical to your career prospects. For this reason, we work closely with you to identify and pursue opportunities appropriate to your...


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Institute for Global Studies

Gain work experience in the field of Human Resources, a field that found its inception at the start of the 20th Century when large corporate entities like Ford Motor Company had started to realise that employees have needs that go beyond the workplace, and that can affect performance when unmet. At around the same time, the first system of employee safety and benefits was created. This saw an i...


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IECE Internship in India

IECE India focuses on quality placements that enable interns to develop interpersonal skills and industry knowledge but also provide an unmatched invaluable experience. Participants are the most important part of these internships, which is why placements are customized to satisfy academic, professional, and intellectual needs. Interns will be involved in projects, day-to-day working activities...


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LEAPYEAR India - The Most Unique Year of College on the Planet

Group Travel in India: During fall semester, spend 10 weeks traveling with a guided group of up to 12 other LEAPYEAR students to India (previous groups have also traveled to Nepal and Sri Lanka in addition to traveling in India). Study the wisdom traditions, learn about Indian culture, while participating in yoga and meditation, community service and adventure trekking. Individual Internsh...