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A Guide to Internships Abroad in India

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world — a colorful culture, prismatic landscapes, and innumerable destinations that showcase the country’s incredible diversity. From the Himalayan Mountains to the Taj Mahal, India has so many things to offer the adventurous intern, and it creates a perfect training ground. India has emerged as one of the cultural and economic hotspots of the century and is well known for its excellence in major industries, like IT, entertainment, and engineering, but you’ll discover even more in any field along the way as an intern abroad in India.

Where to Intern Abroad in India

As the second most populous country in the world with over 1 billion people, India is one of the fastest growing major economies in the world. While India shares borders with six other countries, the nation itself is a distinct geographical entity as it stands apart, separated by mountains and the sea from the rest of Asia. From the rural areas to the urban areas, and internship in India will allow you to explore and more. Here are the best places for internships in India.

Mumbai. You’ll find two distinct faces of this western Indian city formerly known as Bombay: the skyscrapers and the slums. Being the epicenter for finances, fashion, and film, those who are looking to intern in business can get started on climbing the corporate ladder here. With its impoverished districts, interns looking to work in medical fields or social work field can also find plentiful placements here as well. When you’re not on the clock, you can relax on one of its many beaches or dance at a music festival.

New Delhi. This bustling city is a blend of the past and the future with its colonial-era parliament buildings and skyscraping offices and mega malls. From the Akshardham temple to the Jantar Mantar observatory, you’re never short of being able to marvel at beautiful structures while you’re here. The capital of India offers a wealth of internships types from healthcare to hospitality to information technology.

Calcutta (Kolkata). On the lower Ganges Delta in eastern India lies this second-biggest city in the country that’s more friendly than its sister cities. The cultural or literary capital of India offers Indo-Islamic and Indo-Saracenic motifs, the Indian Museum, Victoria Memorial, Marble Palace, the National Library of India, and Science City.

Costs of Interning in India

Most internships are unpaid. You might earn a small stipend (usually around $250) every month, but it won’t be enough to save money or pay off debts. With your program fee covering the majority of expenses, you’ll need to have extra spending money for excursions or for nightlife activities. Saving money, applying for scholarships, and fundraising through FundMyTravel can help you cover that extra helping of gulab jamun (milk-solid dessert).

Accommodations in India

If your dogs are barking at the end of the day, you’ll be sure to be able to rest your feet in a cozy environment. The type of accommodation can vary for an India internship from apartments to shared housing to homestay placements. In most cases, programs will arrange accommodation or they’ll help you with searching for one.

Visas for India

Like with any country, you’ll need a valid passport, and the visa requirements depend on your citizenship, length of program, and if your internship is paid or not. If you’re a U.S. citizen who is staying 30 days or less, an electronic travel authorization is necessary upon arrival. Program coordinators are usually helpful in the visa process, and you can go to GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory to get the process started.

GoAbroad’s Insider Tips

Professional development. Your program will help you build and strengthen your career path while giving you the chance to establish important relationships with international organizations.

Celebrate good times! Festivals create an incredible cultural experience for interns, and at least one must be attended to truly understand how Indians celebrate cultural events.

From meditating by temples to exploring fortresses, your heart will soar with delight in India. This mysterious, mystical land will ensure you have a worthwhile experience when you venture here.

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A Guide To
Internships Abroad in India


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Intern in India with Pave

By interning with Pave, you are maximising an opportunity to gain value adding experience in the fastest developing country in the world. You can choose internships across a range of sectors, located in the most thriving and vibrant cities in India. All internships include pre-departure training and a comprehensive package in India.

Pave Internships India

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Internship in India -choose from Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai

Capital Placement offers a choice of 3 cities to choose from in India, you have the choice of interning in Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai! We have hundreds of partner companies for you to choose from, ranging from startups to large multinational firms. Our program is not just about the internship, we want you to experience the adventure of working and living abroad. You will have plenty of op...

Intern Abroad India - CP

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India Immersion Program - Internships in India

Summer internships are an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge outside classroom and use your skills in real-life situations. The experience can be more enriching if the internship is in an emerging market that offers a friendly and dynamic work environment. Join the India Immersion Program of Kenilworth, which is offered to graduate and undergraduate students. This once-in-a-lifet...

Intern in India with Kenilworth Global Consulting Ltd

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Intern in India with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Work alongside locals and live in India by participating in internships placements from Cross-Cultural Solutions. Participants from all over the world can partake in an immersing internship program in the cities of Dharamsala or New Delhi. Interns can complete placements in Health Sciences, Nursing, Development, and many other areas.

A woman having a great time with the children

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ELI Abroad – Diplomatic, Journalism Internships in India

Hone your writing and reporting skills with an internship at a newspaper in Chennai, the booming capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Past interns returned with impressive portfolios! IR majors, ask us about interning with the U.S. Consulate – an amazing, rare opportunity. Other internships available; all programs include housing.

A girl having fun with the children

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If teaching is your passion, you should travel to India to teach English to disadvantaged children and immerse yourself in the colourful local culture and the beauty of the surrounding tropical beaches. Interns live in the fascinating area of Kerala and assist local educators in teaching disadvantaged children from poverty stricken communities. You will be working in local slum schools and care...

Bring smiles to children

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Intern in India with World Internships

Explore the possibilities of your career path in India through World Internships. Placements are available in Jaipur and Mumbai. Participants can choose to intern in fields including Architecture, Film, and Entrepreneurial.


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GoEco - Top Volunteer Organization

This program offers medical internships and volunteer projects in Palampur for Pre-Med, Medical, and Nursing students. Volunteers will have the opportunity to assist medical professionals and gain hands-on medical experience and exposure in their field of study.


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Internship Placement Programs in India

Secure a challenging internship program in an engaging international environment through Knowledge Must placements in India. Internships are available in various fields allowing interns to improve their professional abilities, especially their ability to work in multicultural environments.


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SLV.Global - Psychology Work Experience

We offer psychology students and graduates the opportunity to gain valuable psychology work experience in Sri Lanka, India and Bali, Indonesia. Our focus is on global mental health and on bolstering the existing resources in the communities where we work. Our aim is to provide skilled volunteers the chance to participate in a well-rounded, culturally immersive experience.


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Child Family Health International

Experience India with Child Family Health International's Global Health Education programs. Programs include opportunities to work in palliative care, ophthalmology, traditional medicine, and more. Locations include the eight largest cities in India, including Pune, New Delhi, and Mumbai.


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Cultural Vistas Fellowship

Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Asia, Europe, & Latin America The Cultural Vistas Fellowship affords underrepresented U.S. university students the unique opportunity to advance their career goals, develop global competencies, and experience life in another culture. Cultural Vistas will select up to 12 fellows to take part in this multinational professional development program that includ...


Teach in India with Global Nomadic

Do you have a natural affinity for kids? Global Nomadic offers you a wonderful opportunity in India through a teaching placement in various schools. If you have no experience in education, have your first taste of teaching children who are eager to learn. This is your chance to develop a new skill set and open up career opportunities. Our project is organized in partnership with several scho...


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Volunteering Journeys

The program is ideal for professional nurses and nursing students (including students who are considering a nursing career), so that they can put their skills into practise, get hands-on real-life exposure, and broaden their horizons through immersive travel. Program participants will be working in local hospitals or clinics and get a placement in a medical area of their choice. Participant...


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India: Public Health, Policy Advocacy, and Community

Explore the links between public health, policy advocacy, and community with a focus on women, children, tribal, and other marginalized and vulnerable populations in India with SIT Study Abroad. The program studies the relationship between public health and community in a field study context. Students analyze specific case studies that illuminate the problems, prospects, and potential method...