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A Guide to Horticulture Internships Abroad

Hey you! Yes, you, with the “save the bees” bumper sticker waxing on about colony collapse disorder. It’s time to gain some expertise in your field. More than just gardening, horticulture is both an incredible science and a beautiful art, and at the end—there’s food! Today, opportunities in horticulture are among some of the fastest growing in the agriculture and farming industry and you are the perfect pick for the vital and exciting work as a horticulture intern abroad! So dig in, because horticulture internships abroad are ripe for the taking!

Why Intern Abroad in Horticulture

Human beings, no matter what their nationality, all must depend on what the earth provides to survive. Thus, horticulture has a significant impact on each and every living person and community in the world.

In essence, horticulturists grow plants for food and social needs of a community. Their aim is to improve growth, yields, quality, nutritional value, and resistance to insects, diseases, and environmental stresses. This is important anywhere in the world, but is impact is amplified times about a gazillion when you put it into practice abroad—especially in developing countries. By getting your hands dirty during international horticulture internships you can make a real difference in the world while also spiffing up your resume.


From urban gardens to the rural countryside, there are horticulture internships abroad just about anywhere plants will grow. However, if you choose a horticulture internship in one of these locations, you won’t just be the intern getting the coffee—you’ll be the one growing it.

Kenya. With global climate change and lack of education, now it is more important than ever to raise awareness and promote environmental sustainability in Kenya. Kenya has a long history of growing horticultural crops for both domestic and export markets with a tropical and temperate climate favorable for horticulture production and development. Fruits, vegetables, and flower production are the main aspects of horticultural production in Kenya and a thriving horticulture industry also acts as an employer and contributor to food needs in the country. 

Ecuador. Ecuador is lauded for its tranquil way of life, natural beauty, and year-round spring-like weather. So if you are someone who gets so excited when spring comes that you wet your plants, Ecuador might be the place for your horticulture internship abroad. Ecuador has an unmatched flora that is just dying to be awed, explored, and cultivated and, with all things considered, it’s hard to imagine another tiny nation that can pack this number of WOWs when it comes to the landscape.

Horticulture Internship Placements

Horticulture internships can be found through various organizations on a local, national, or international level. Here are a couple ideas so you can start pruning your list. If you need more ideas, just lettuce know…

Schools. Many schools and foundations that work with schools are seeking horticulture interns to assist with gardens and other environmental or horticultural projects. These internships will involve working with teachers and students, as well as with community members of all ages. You may also have the chance to coordinate fun garden or environment-related experiences for children and groups of volunteers who may visit the community.

Nonprofits. Interning with a nonprofit provides a culturally immersive and professional experience where interns can interact with, and learn from community members, all while helping to reach community-driven environmental goals. Through a horticulture internship with a nonprofit, you’ll have the opportunity to work with organizations that are working to mitigate the risks of climate change and support environmental sustainability. Whether it be organic agriculture, sustainable water management, forest regeneration, renewable technology, or biodiversity interns support the mission of the local communities where they work. These programs let you work directly in service-based internships or do international research as a horticulture intern abroad.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

Be outside all day, everyday. Studies have shown playing in the dirt all day makes you healthier, happier, and smarter. Soil microbes can boost your immune system, have a natural antidepressant effect on the brain, and engage your senses on a whole new level. Plus, it keeps you grounded…

Manual labor is hard, full-time, and full on, but incredibly satisfying, especially during international horticulture internships. Working overtime is the norm, and horticulture internships abroad give a whole new meaning to fieldwork. However, it’s all totally worth it when you get to see the fruits of your labor.

So much good comes out of practicing horticulture and a horticulture internship abroad is something you can definitely feel good about. You’re work will not only help save the bees, but strengthen communities, fight food insecurity, alleviate poverty, and just make the world an altogether prettier place to live.

It’s time to say “Kale yeah” to a horticulture internship abroad! As a horticulture intern abroad, you will notice that everyday when you check on your plants you will observe differences—a new bud forming or something that needs to be trimmed back. And the same process will be happening inside of you. As a horticulture intern abroad you are not only cultivating a better future for yourself, but a better future for all. So sow the seed and reap an abundant harvest when you do a horticulture internship abroad!

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A Guide To
Horticulture Internships Abroad


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