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A Guide to History Internships Abroad

Interning abroad can be a life changing experience both personally and professionally no matter what your field of choice. When it comes to history internship opportunities are available in a variety of locations and placements, from museums in Hong Kong to law firms in Berlin to non-profit organizations in Cape Town, because the field is naturally, widely applicable. If interning abroad in history, nearly the whole world is at your doorstep, so now is the time to bring your knowledge of the past to effect change in the present!

Why Intern Abroad in History

If you have chosen history as your major, then odds are you are interested in a little bit of everything. Your options for future careers utilizing this discipline are very broad, so you might have your work cut out for you deciding where you’d like to intern and what type of history internship abroad you’d like to pursue. Whatever direction you choose, you can be sure that interning abroad in history will be your first step to success in your career. Not only will it look great on paper and to future employers, but traveling the world will inspire greatness within you and expose you the history face-to-face.


To state the totally and utterly obvious, history has affected the entire world. As such, there is not one best location for history internships abroad; the right location depends on your personal ambitions and interests. If you have established your academic focus in a particular region of the world, then it will be a good idea to match that geographical focus with your history internship broad. If you are studying general world history or want to explore outside your specialty, then review the incredibly broad survey of options below:

The Americas. Much of the history in the Americas has been influenced heavily by colonialism and the development of the United States. While most Latin American countries gained their independence before the 20th century, they have struggled with economic development and political stability up to present times.

Europe. The richness of European history extends to the earliest Roman and Greek civilizations. From London to Paris to Moscow, the continent has been the central focus of Western civilization for thousands of years and offers countless thriving cities to complete a history internship abroad.

Africa. Home to our earliest human ancestors, vast kingdoms, and immense inter-cultural complexity which continues to this day, African history is the oldest and perhaps the richest of any continent on Earth.

Asia. From the Middle East to India to China and beyond, Asia is by far the largest and most diverse region to explore history abroad. Great civilizations and religions, mass political movements, war and peace, the tremendous complexity of this region’s history makes Asia a historian’s dreamland.

Oceania. A fascinating place to study anthropological history, as the indigenous populations of many of its islands remained isolated from the rest of the world until very recently, the Oceanic region also boasts some of the best scuba diving in the world.

History Internships Abroad

History is not a specialized professional discipline, so the decision about what type of internship to pursue with your degree is not an obvious one. If you are committed to becoming a historian, than interning in a museum, government archival office, or historical society are all potential placement areas available abroad. Your responsibilities in these placements might include assisting in research, preparing reports, conducting surveys or community outreach, and other related tasks.

History internships abroad can be structured in different ways, but many will allow you to combine work experience with the opportunity to take classes or earn academic credit. If you are still earning your degree, this is a great way to take up to a full semester abroad without straying too far from your degree track. Many history courses abroad are interactive, including tours and cultural excursions outside of the classroom, so learning will be multidimensional.

Those who intern abroad in history typically do so for two to six months, and it is is possible to find an internship almost any time of the year. Whether you get paid or not will depend on the location and type of work you engage in, although many international internships compensate interns in ways other than a stipend, such as with room and board. Some history internships abroad lead to potential career opportunities with your host employer, so make the extra effort to learn the ropes of the profession while interning abroad!

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Interning in history abroad will be tremendously fascinating and rewarding. Since your options for history internships abroad are extremely broad and varied, you’ll face the luxury (or burden, depending on how you look at it) of taking your pick of what to do and where to do it. Do not fret over the decision too much though, wherever you go and whatever you do, interning abroad in history will surely be a boost to your professional life and an unforgettable experience!

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