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Shadow doctors 20+ hours a week in Spain through the Atlantis Fellowship. 1-8 week Fellowships during winter, spring, or summer breaks.


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China California Heart Watch is a U.S. nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve the rural poor through teaching and clinical care in rural Yunnan Province, China. In 2017, China Cal is inviting students and others with an interest in health professions to come and learn with us about health care and pediatric cardiovascular disease in Yunnan Province, China. Objective: An important o...


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TB/HIV/AIDS: South Africa is suffering from one of the worst TB/HIV/AIDS epidemics in the world. In 2006 the South African Department of Health estimated that 29.1% of pregnant women were living with HIV. ELI is currently filling positions in education, research and treatment. These programs require a minimum two month time commitment. In an effort to prevent the spread of HIV (especially in ...


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Intern in London offers 8 week customized international internships in England's fascinating capital. Participate in London's work life through an internship that complements your academic concentration and unique personal goals! The program combines work and professional development with cultural excursions: each week, you will intern for 20 hours and be involved in seminars, lectures, and exc...


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India has a buzz about it, a pace and a national character all its own. The complexity that you'll find when you volunteer in India offers you an experience of incomparable historical and cultural depth, and you'll live out this amazing adventure against the backdrop of some of the most incredible landscapes and cityscapes you've ever encountered. With CCS, you'll experience not only the gre...


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Make your resume stand out against all the others with an internship in Cape Town, South Africa! Connect-123 helps those looking to add international work experience to their background find the perfect placement in this amazing city. Opportunities are available in business, entrepreneurship, human rights, economic development, health care, public health, education and many more! With onsite ...


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The vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Sydney, Australia, is the setting for the Boston University Sydney Internship Program, which offers eight weeks of coursework and participation in a professional internship. Courses explore Australia's political systems, contemporary culture and cinema, and its place in the modern world. Students will gain a critical understanding of the major political inst...


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This is Adelante's most developed International Internship Program with over 250 participating companies. Placements are available in nearly every field you can think of; medical, business, psychology, marketing, international education, broadcasting, social work, sports, graphic design, tourism and much more. Interns in Madrid work for 4 hours a day, Monday through Friday; that leaves you w...


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Thinking of interning in China? let us help you gain work experience, sharpen your skills and get credit transfer all in the China Internship Program. Get such an experience by joining Go Abroad China’s Internship in China Program; we partner with 500+ companies inside China to arrange paid internships for college/university students and graduates. Go Abroad China is an international compan...


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Interning on a Medicine & Healthcare internship in Nepal is a unique experience. As a Medicine & Healthcare intern you will learn from some of the most skilled practitioners in the country. The facilities are generally quite basic when compared to facilities in the west. Medicine & Healthcare internships in Nepal are based in and around Kathmandu and in the region of Chitwan. You will be int...


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*Please note: as we offer international internship programs, our USA internships are not available to US Citizens. We encourage you to look at our other destinations (London, Hong Kong, Madrid, Australia, or Latin America). New York City is a cultural and financial hub of the world that will leave you wanting more. We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience ...


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IES Internships, a unit of IES Abroad, offers hands-on, professional internships in some of the world's most exciting cities. IES Abroad is committed to working with you to help find the closest match for your professional goals and interests, and you’ll be guaranteed a placement at a local business or organization.


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Experience what it is like to live and intern in one of the biggest cultural cities in the world, London, with Global Experiences. Our internship program will provide you with superior work experience and an array of professional career fields while you get to explore everything that the city and culture has to offer. The Global Experiences London Internship program runs for 12 - 15 weeks du...


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The Institute for Global Studies offers internships that can be customized to match finely tuned skills to a specific employer. IGS has a high success rate in completing custom placements owing to its global network and personal contacts around the world. The organization can do custom placements in any U.S. state, as well as many countries, including Australia, Ecuador, Germany, India, Japan, ...


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As a participant of our program, located in Cape Town, South Africa, you tell us what type of internship experience you are looking for and we will create a custom internship placement based around your specific interests. You will be placed within an environment where you will make a positive contribution to your host organization while gaining invaluable and distinctive international work exp...

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Health Internships Abroad

Internships are almost mandatory for those pursuing careers in health sciences. Whether a student wants to use their education to go on to professional school or to enter the workforce, health internships are a universal experience that can quickly add professional know how to his or her repertoire. So if an internship is in your future anyway, why not make it a memory of a lifetime by applying for a health internship abroad! International health internships expose students to practices and systems they are likely unfamiliar with, better equipping them to deal with adversity in a future career and adding a shining star to their resume.

Why Intern Abroad

Students in the health sciences field are preparing themselves for a demanding professional career in which every bit of experience will likely come in handy, and an international health internship is a fantastic addition to any student’s professional practice. Add to that the possibility of using a health science degree to move on to professional schools in fields such as medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy, and you have every reason to add a resume boosting international experience to your education. Students interning abroad in health sciences will be exposed to the widely varied approaches to health care present around the world, including methods and treatments that may be different to what can be found in Western countries like the United States.

Interns can also utilize international internship experience as a great networking opportunity, expanding their professional contacts list to span not just cities and states, but borders as well. Finally, international health internships can and often will expose students to types of patient care environments that simply cannot be found within their own country’s borders. Through a health internship abroad students will come face to face with the difficulties of health delivery in places where health care systems are practically (and sometimes literally) non-existent, and experience that is both eye-opening and humbling.


The location sought out for an international health internship will depend largely on the specific subset of health care a student is pursuing.

Academically Based. A top choice for students looking for a health internship abroad that is more academic than field work based is none other than Germany. Germany is a global leader in almost every science field, and health sciences are no exception. With constant breakthroughs in epidemiology, neurology, and biomedical sciences, Germany is a top notch, first world destination, especially for students hoping to go to professional schools in medicine, dentistry, optometry, and related fields.

Hands On Based. Students studying health fields related to human movement could be hard pressed to find a more appropriate international internship destination than Australia for experience in their chosen professions. Students interested in fields like physical therapy, athletic training, and sports medicine can find plenty of internship opportunities for health science in Australia’s expansive sporting culture, as well as more research based opportunities in sports performance and human physiology laboratories, of which Australia has some of the finest in the world.

Rural/Need Based. These health internships abroad are more suited for either medical students or students in fields like public health, social work, or health systems administration. International health internships available in places like Uganda, Nepal, and Cambodia focus primarily on delivering healthcare to those who need it most. Having minimal or no access to healthcare is one of the largest preventable health disparities on Earth, and health internships in places like these will focus not only on educating the student, but on making them an active part of the fight to rectify the health crisis at hand. If you can handle the absence of many modern comforts, then a health internship abroad in a developing nation might be the perfect mix of professional and personal experience.

Health Science Internships Abroad

Since the health science field is so large and diverse, the types of placements interns may find will be equally as varied. However, the main focus of the field will always remain the patients themselves. This means that almost any internship opportunity in health sciences will involve interacting with and providing health care catering to the needs of local patients.

In terms of day to day life as a health intern, established medical professionals are likely to oversee students, providing guidance and training throughout daily tasks. For most interns, the type of work performed daily will be required again in some professional capacity later in their careers. Skills such as data collection and logging methods, basic physiologic testing practices, and standard laboratory techniques are all commonly expected to be attained by interns, serving them well in their future educational and professional careers.

The biggest difference between domestic and international health internships may be in their time frames. In the health sciences, it is commonly accepted that students have a relatively stringent academic schedule to stick to. Agencies asking for interns to travel overseas are likely to offer their internships in a smaller time span than those back home. Full summer internship programs are about as long as international internships will get, allowing students to complete their experience without having to jeopardize their graduation plans. Shorter opportunities are also readily available, accepting interns for anywhere from one to four weeks, meaning an international health internship can easily be squeezed into even a short break from school.

As a note, due to the shorter length of the experience as a whole, interns are quite often expected to work no less than full time during international health internships. These hours can be filled with work in a variety of settings, but students should still expect to be working in at least some capacity for a majority of their stay.

Benefits & Challenges

  • Invaluable & Irreplaceable Experience. Perhaps the biggest benefit from an international health internship will come in the form of experience. Not only is an internship abroad a fantastic addition to any resume, be it for a job or for acceptance to professional school, but it is an invaluable addition to the education of any future health professional. Learning to adapt your current knowledge to a new setting and apply it successfully is a highly sought after skill in almost any field, but especially so in the health sciences. Everyday health professionals experience change, be it in their location, their care techniques, or simply in their patients. Demonstrating that you have a history of dealing with these challenges and succeeding will be a major advantage moving forward in your career.
  • Build Your Network. Networking is crucial in the health industry, and an international health internship will open doors that would be completely unattainable through a domestic internship. Having contacts overseas is a way to share health data and learn from the methods of others who may not approach problems the same way you do. In the health field, this can be incredibly beneficial, as we are all just human beings and tend to suffer from the same health issues regardless of location. The effective treatment of various conditions is a major goal for every health care system, and the ability to share ideas and information around the world is key to the advancement of healthcare for all.
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