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Interning Abroad in Greece

Home to enthralling and highly-celebrated mythologies of gods and goddesses, Greece undeniably offers inspiration, with expansive landscapes and a sea dotted with thousands of islands. Overflowing with a legendary ancient heritage, the country contains sun-bleached historical ruins worth traversing the globe for. Beyond the seemingly unending turquoise coastline, ancient ruins, inland wonders, and countless outdoor activities, travelers find great enjoyment in interactions with the locals. Greeks enjoy passing time throughout passionate conversations about anything from art and politics to coffee and just plain gossip. Interning in Greece offers more than a marvelous opportunity to experience the mythical country of Greece, it provides reputable work experience to boost the outlook of interns’ future careers.

Geography & Demographics

Greece is located at the crossroads of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, a rather strategic location. The country has an extensive coastline, one of the top longest in the world, with thousands of islands (some estimates go as high as 6,000 in total) including the Ionian Islands, Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Crete. Eighty percent of the country is made up of mountains, the highest of which is the infamous Mount Olympus. 

The population of Greece is estimated at close to 11 million people, with ethnic Greeks making up about 95 percent of the population. A considerable portion of the remaining population are Turkish minorities in Thrace. Other minority groups include Macedonian Slavs, Armenians, and Albanians.

Greece experiences a predominantly Mediterranean climate, as would be expected by its geographical location. Summers are usually dry and hot, while the winters are wet and cold.  Snow is not uncommon in the upper part of the country, where winters can get very cold. The winter season is much milder in the south of Greece and amongst the many islands. Summers in Greece are very hot, reaching 30 to 35 degrees Celsius, but occasionally up to 40 degrees or more. People in Greece prefer to stay out of the sun for most the afternoon, when the sun shines the strongest. The strong northern wind, Meltemi, offers a relief to the heat as its passes through the country’s east coast during the months of July and August.

The best times to go to Greece are in spring and autumn, lasting from May to September. The country hibernates during the winter season, with some locals heading off to alternative homes in other areas of Europe.

Food & Culture

Greek is the official language used in Greece, with almost the entire population speaking the language. A small number of Greek dialects and minority languages are spoken in the country, among less than one percent of the population.

Cuisine in Greece is characteristically Mediterranean. Greek dishes generally favor the use of olive oil, grains and bread, vegetables, herbs, wine, fish. and a variety of meats, including rabbit, lamb, pork, and poultry. Greek food is recognized around the world for some of its most popular ingredients, yogurt, olives, and cheese. Greek desserts are known for using honey and nuts. Mezes, appetizers served in small dishes alongside anise-flavored liqueurs or wines, are also quite popular in Greece. While many common characteristics exist amidst the culinary classics of Greece, they can also be very diverse between regions, sometimes to the extent that it becomes difficult to define a dish fully representative of the entire nation. For example, the Chaniotiko Boureki, a vegetarian dish commonly consumed in western Crete, is not served in any of the other regions in the country.

Modern Greece maintains roots that go back to the Ancient Greek empire, the cradle of Western civilization, the birthplace of Western philosophy, Western literature, Western drama, democracy, political science, historiography, major mathematical and scientific principles, and the Olympic Games. Unsurprisingly, the Greeks are very proud of their culture. The locals speak of their country with unmistakable passion and patriotism. Greeks are honored by their significant contribution to civilizations across the globe.

Things to Do

Highly inspiring cultural experiences, typically offered, span from organized tours to historical sites, like Ancient Plaka, Parthenon, and the Acropolis, and excursions to the Santorini to experience the red sand beaches. Some tours are even more adventurous such as sailing trips through the Greek Isles, hikes on the expansive gorge of Crete, and cliff jumps into the Mediterranean sea.

Interning in Greece

Carrying out internships in this iconic country is effectively rewarding and provides numerous opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of activities while experiencing high-quality internship programs. Interns will flourish amidst a backdrop of mystical sights that easily squeeze creativity into their internships.

Programs to consider:

Join Arcadia for a Semester Internship in Greece! Earn course credits, work experience, and an understanding of life in Greece.

European Women can become Dancers for an Entertainment team in Greece, through internships with Cornucopia Club Ltd.

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Interning Abroad in Greece


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