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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Accra

If you are looking for an international experience that far exceeds the norm, in a city where everyday life takes on a drastically different form than what you are used to, then internships in Accra might be the perfect adventure for you! Ghana’s capital city is scenically located along Africa’s Western Atlantic coast, and it serves as a major regional hub with over 2 million people. With English as the nation’s official language, internships in Accra are even more accessible than you might think!

Internships in Accra

Though it boasts Africa’s ninth largest economy, Ghana remains a developing country, so many internship opportunities are centered on economic and social progress. Professional internships in Accra include placements in education, healthcare, and development. These fields provide interns with many rewarding opportunities to work hand-in-hand with local organizations abd promote positive change.

As Ghana’s political capital, there are also a large variety of internships in Accra related to law, journalism, and human rights. Ghana is one of the most politically stable countries in Africa, making it a good point of access to learn about important issues that the entire continent continues to deal with. Accra is also an economic hub of considerable importance, so there are additional internship placements available in the fields of global business and finance, which may entice interns interested in the private sector.

Most internships in Accra last between three and six months, or take place over the summer (conveniently in between academic school years). It is also possible to combine an internship placement in Accra with courses or field work for academic credit, an option that many current students take advantage of.

Life in Accra

Many interns will experience their fair share of culture shock while transitioning into life in Accra. Amidst high levels of poverty in a much different part of the world, everyday life can take on an entirely new manifestation here. Streets are lively with activity, traffic can be chaotic, and interns will be exposed to many sights and sounds that are entirely new. 

Adapting is all part of the experience, and soon you will all too likely fall in love with your new home. There are a ton of things to do in Accra, and as a result it is one of the most popular travel destinations in western Africa. From the historical Jamestown area to the bevy of enriching museums to the National Theater where you can catch all different kinds shows, there are no shortage of exciting opportunities in this multicultural metropolis. The restaurants, beaches, and nightlife will ensure your leisure time is always well spent too.

While interning abroad in Accra, you will likely be kept busy for a good portion of the day, but don’t let this stop you from exploring Accra more deeply on your free time. It is a very safe city and locals are overwhelmingly friendly. You may want to travel elsewhere in the region as well, from the magnificent waterfalls to rolling green hills and sweeping coastlines; the Gulf of Guinea is an extremely beautiful part of the continent.

Salary & Costs

Most internships in Accra are unpaid, although there are obviously exceptions if you are working in one of the more profitable sectors or in a highly skilled placement. The costs of living shouldn’t be too much of a concern for interns traveling from the industrialized world, as their currency will take them far in Accra. While Ghana is more expensive than many other countries in Africa, it is still a developing nation, so prices are necessarily lower than in the developed world.

Accommodation & Visas

Rent is disproportionately expensive in Ghana, so many interns will want to look for a placement provider that will help cover the costs of accommodation (and many programs do include it). Homestays are also a popular option for interns who are interested in fuller cultural immersion; these can be a good way to save costs while forming a close relationship with your host family.

You will generally have to obtain a visa for entry into Ghana before disembarkation. The specific type of visa you will need depends on many factors, such as your home country, length of stay, and whether or not your internship in Accra is paid. You can check out GoAbroad’s Ghanaian Embassy Directory for more details.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Experience Ghana. Africa is a place that many will never have be fortunate enough to travel to in their lifetime, and Ghana is one of the most influential countries on the continent. Interning abroad in Accra will be a highly enriching introduction to the region.

Impressive Job Experience. Employers will swoon when they see that you’ve gained professional experience overseas, no less in a city as unique as Accra. Through your internship in Accra, you will gain the practical skill-set to back up what already looks good on paper.

The Value of Culture Shock. Traveling to a place as different from home as Accra will open your eyes to a whole new manifestation of culture and humanity. Interning in Accra will be a tremendous growth experience that will teach you many lessons you can bring home with you.

Read our comprehensive guide on interning abroad in Ghana.

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