Internships Abroad in Hamburg

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A Guide to Internships Abroad in Hamburg

As Germany’s second city, Hamburg has so much more to offer than enormous tankards of beer and delicious schnitzl. The city is awash with booming businesses, which span the famed German industries of technology, engineering, and innovative sciences, AND ample opportunities to practice your German language skills. Things in the city run with a typical level of German efficiency, and you won’t be disappointed by what that means for your social life as an intern in Hamburg, exploring the trendy scene along the harbourside. Intern in Hamburg — where adventure meets opportunity.

What You Need to Know to Intern Abroad in Hamburg, Germany

Internship opportunities in Hamburg in the sciences and technologies are rife. If that’s not the bread to your bratwurst, however, don’t worry — a number of more options can also be found. You thought there were many varieties of frankfurters? Check out these various ways to score internships in Hamburg.

Popular types of internships in Hamburg. Durable cars and efficient technology are just a couple of things that link comfortably with German innovation, helping the country to hone a strong industrial reputation of the highest standard worldwide. An internship in the fields of science, technology or civil engineering from any German institution will make a resume stand out from the stack. It doesn’t stop there however, with the same levels of impeccability being applied across German business, meaning that opportunities in broader fields, such as business and accounting, will be equally rewarding.

Short term internships and summer internships vs. long-term internships. The duration of an internship will generally be dictated by the employer, and as such, inflexibility may limit your options. With that in mind, apply careful consideration to the amount of time you have available and any financial constraints that may limit you. A longer placement will reward you with more experience and skills; however, a short-term option is still an ideal way to dabble in a chosen field, and could act as the ideal launch-pad for something bigger.

Unpaid vs. paid internships in Hamburg. Longer term placements are more likely to come with some form of remuneration, such as accommodation or a living stipend, others may offer a fully salaried package. Shorter placements may not have any financial recompense, so understanding your debits is essential. That said, the experience gained in an unpaid internship may be the key to unlocking future career possibilities, meaning that up front investment is (more than) returned in the long term.

Life in Hamburg for Interns

Hamburg has a buzzing social scene — Germany is not only famous for it’s technology after all, the beer and food also hold their own. Head down to the harbor to find plenty of new friends around the live music venues and bars that line the streets. But don’t just be a city slicker while interning in Hamburg; take some time to visit the local countryside and see if you can locate the castle that’ll send you spinning straight into a Disney fairytale. 

Accommodation is included with some internships — an ideal choice, particularly if you are staying for just a short term placement, as this removes the time you would usually spend finding a place to lay your Alpine hat. Other ways to lower your costs? Keep in mind that eating out can also be pricey, so try to cook for yourself once in awhile if you want to save some Euros. Walk instead of Uber, and score a library card if you’re staying long.

GoAbroad's Inside Scoop for Interns in Hamburg, Germany

The easiest way to integrate into the local community as an intern in Hamburg is to get a kick start on your German language skills. This will help you to get ahead in the workplace, as well as in your social life. Plus, who doesn’t feel awesome when ordering their lager in the proper local accent? 

There’s a wide range of things to experience in the city, from a thriving bar, music and restaurant scene, to museums and culture, beyond into the local countryside. Take some time to explore and enjoy all that the city has to offer, and use this as a means to meet people outside of your workplace — this will help you to develop a balanced lifestyle. 

If you intern abroad in Hamburg, you will enjoy a beautiful city with plentiful opportunity. Any internship in Germany, a country with such a high standard of education and performance, will offer an internship to equip you with the skills you need to enter the job market at full speed. Get after it!

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A Guide To
Internships Abroad in Hamburg


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