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A Guide to Internships Abroad in Strasbourg

Pursuing an internship in Strasbourg, France may just be the perfect opportunity to develop professionally while saying bon voyage to your current job. Located in the Grand Est region of France and steeped in French and German roots, Strasbourg plays a crucial role in European and world affairs. An internship in Strasbourg is sure to bring a competitive edge in many job markets. So, whether you are looking for a summer internship or a career change—or adventure in the great, wide somewhere—Strasbourg may be calling your name!

What you need to know to Intern in Strasbourg

Before packing your bags for Strasbourg, gaining a better understanding of the culture differences in France will be an advantage. As an international intern, understanding a country's different beliefs and values in the workforce is an important step to succeeding in your new position.While intern jobs in France may vary, the work culture is going to have some similarities. 

Popular types of Internships in Strasbourg. The hospitality and tourism industry are thriving in Strasbourg and checking out the various historic sites is a great way to start your intern search. Furthermore, as one of the de facto capitals of the European Union, Strasbourg is home to the Council of Europe, International Institute of Human Rights, and European Parliament. Those interested in international affairs and politics would be wise to take advantage of Strasbourg’s many opportunities. 

Short term internships and summer internships vs. long term internships in Strasbourg. Many organizations in France prefer longer internship placements to allow the intern and organization the time to develop and work on projects. A longer internship often works out in the favor of both parties. However, shorter summer internships are also becoming more common as demands from seasonal tourism rise. 

Unpaid vs. paid internships in Strasbourg. Finding a paid internship may not be as hard as you imagined! Thanks to France’s substaintional labor laws and worker rights, interns are required to be paid a certain percent of the minimum wage. So, if you are placed in an internship in Strasbourg, expect to at least receive a stipend to help offset some of those travel expenses! Woot!

Life in Strasbourg for International Interns

While strolling through Strasbourg, it becomes clear that the city has a long history made up of diverse European roots. International interns should take note of the many iconic historic destinations that make Strasbourg, well...Strasbourg. The Strasbourg Cathedral, Palais Rohan Strasbourg, Ponts Couverts, and and Barrage Vauban are just a few of Strasbourg’s famous sites. La Petite France, a historic quarter near the center of the city, is also a must-see for interns. 

Even if International affairs is not your field of choice, Strasbourg is well known for hosting of important EU events. As the French might say, this is not something to be blase about. If you are living in Strasbourg, take the time to attend one of these important events. Furthermore, Strasbourg is also internationally known for its music, drama, and arts scene. Attend the Festival International de Strasbourg, the Strasbourg International Film Festival, or the Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg. If there’s one statement that can’t be denied, it’s that Strasbourg is not lacking in art and culture!

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for Interns in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is known for its excellence in higher education and boosts over 48,000 students at three universities: Louis Pasteur University, Marc Bloch University, and Robert Schuman University. If you are struggling to find an internship, connecting with one of these universities might be a great place to begin your search. Try researching what kind of internships students at these universities are getting and don’t be afraid to reach out to an organization with a nicely written email. 

International interns have been known to comment about differences in France’s hierarchy and structure. Those in positions of power are expected to be respected and organizations value laws, rules, and regulations. This might seem like a lot of unnecessary bureaucracy to some, but keeping an open mind and adapting will go a long way while working abroad. 

While English is well-known in France, the French take a special pride in their culture and language. International interns that take the time and effort to learn French will be rewarded with additional opportunities and perhaps even more friendly co-workers! So, if you can say more than a simple bonjour, an internship in Strasbourg may be the place for you! 

With its history, seat in world affairs, and diverse culture, an Internship in Strasbourg will truly set you apart from the competition and provide an invaluable experience. And yes, Strasbourg will also have all that fine French wine and cheese that you are craving to try. So, get those applications in and do your due diligence in research. Before you know it, you will be living the life of an international intern in France.  

Ready to say Bon voyage and start your internship in France? Read our comprehensive guide on interning abroad in France.

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