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A Guide to Environmental Management Internships Abroad

Environmental management is becoming increasingly important in every nook and cranny of our Earth. While our ever-changing home continues to generate more human development, there is a strong need to nurture concepts and solutions that help sustain the natural ecosystem of our planet. Environmental management internships abroad will allow you to understand international approaches to challenging circumstances that affect more than just your home country. International experience combined with a new environmental conscience will help interns shape solutions for environmental challenges and build a better future for our planet.

Why Intern Abroad

We sometimes forget that our world is quite interconnected. The environmental decisions that take place in one country in the world will undoubtedly affect other regions of the world. Gaining hands-on experience in a foreign country through an environmental management internship will open your eyes to novel ideas that you can take with you for the duration of your career. Before you know it, you’ll be brainstorming your own ideas on how you can implement solutions to resolve global environmental problems.

The industry requires passionate individuals to strengthen organizations and create lasting change. Interning abroad will allow you to find an experienced mentor and influencer. Molding your career with guidance from a mentor is one of the best ways to progress in your career. By building international professional relationships, you will increase your professional network and coincidentally your repository of knowledge. Seeking new connections can play a key role in your ability to succeed in the field of environmental management.

Getting a taste of environmental management through internships abroad will give your resume a competitive edge. It’s important to utilize your educational experience in fields like geology, biology, and physics to supplement your resume, but an international internship in environmental management will highlight your leadership, reliability, and commitment to the field. While an internship in your home country is an integral stepping stone to your career path, an environmental management internship abroad will help you secure a job in the industry in the future.


Selecting your environmental management internship location will play a key role in the type of environmental management you’ll encounter and the tasks you will be responsible for. You should first and foremost select a country where you can communicate conversationally, in order to fully grasp the prevailing issues and feasible solutions. Try reaching out to several internship placement providers to see what type of opportunity they can set up for you, before making your decision.

Australia is an excellent place to intern abroad in environmental management, especially if English is the only language you are fluent in. Environmental management internships in Australia may range from hands-on experience in land regeneration in Brisbane, as a part of the Nature Conservation Act of Queensland, to opportunities to hone skills in marine ecology on Heron Island.

If environmental and wildlife conservation align with your interests, try looking for environmental management internships in Ecuador. Placements range from assisting at a rescue center in the Amazon to working on the coast new Guayaquil. Intern responsibilities include everything from monitoring tortoise-breeding centers and analyzing animal behavior to performing various types of research. Those who intern in Ecuador will have the chance to experience one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world, and understand sustainable development from a new perspective.

Environmental Management Internships

Environmental managers have an extremely varied workload within three main areas: the public sector, the private sector, and volunteer-based organizations. Understanding the goals of each sector will help you determine where you’d like to kick off your environmental management internship abroad.

The public sector involves government entities that often collaborate with private sector companies. The goal of the public sector is often to improve the overall environmental management approach of a specific community and reduce the environmental impacts of locals. This sector is also required to meet specific regulatory, legislative, and public policy requirements.

On the other hand, within the private sector there are agencies, trading funds, and public corporations. This sector often involves corporate institutions fighting for the preservation and recovery of natural resources utilizing various Environmental Management Systems, like the ISO 14001.

Finally, volunteer-based organizations are comprised of various entities like non-governmental organizations and community groups that work toward a better environment. These groups share a strong passion for environmental preservation and social responsibility.

If you’re just starting out in the field, you can also consider interning abroad as an environmental science and protection technician. These type of roles usually entail working in the field or in laboratories to examine specific sources of pollution.

If you have more experience in the field, try interning as an environmental scientist for the private or public sector. As an environmental scientist, you can utilize knowledge of the natural sciences to protect the health of humans and the environment. Whether in the laboratory or in the field, environmental scientists perform field research and monitor various aspects of the air, water, and land.

Another type of environmental management internship abroad is as an environmental engineer. These professionals utilize their knowledge in soil science and engineering to create environmental solutions, often focusing their research on issues related to recycling and waste disposal or water and air pollution control.

GoAbroad's Insider Tips

Key Influencer. An environmental management professional evaluates a multitude of notions, from human impact on the environment to solutions for sustainable development. Interning abroad in environmental management will allow you to influence how air, water, and land are used and protected both now and in the future.

Growing Industry. As environmental issues continue to gain importance worldwide, the need for controlling and managing them on a local and global scale grows right along with it. As this need grows, so does the number of jobs in environmental management. Completing an environmental management internship abroad will make you stand out as a candidate for future jobs and increase your odds of employment.

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