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A Guide to Internships Abroad in York

Before (long before) there was New York, there was York. Just two hours north of London lies the medieval city of York, where the past and present meld into a city rich in culture and history (and a growing foodie scene, yum!).With so much history and so much going on in the present, there are internship options for a wide variety of interests. History nerds, future top chefs, and budding travel experts can all find a place in York. Interning in York will allow you to get great international work experience while living in a cozy but lively city.

What you need to know to intern in York

Employers value international work experience more and more in today’s globalized world. When you intern abroad, you gain valuable work experience in addition to a better understanding of our world. You’ll learn how to adapt to new environments and gain better appreciation for different cultures and customs.

Popular types of internships in York. Gone are the days when English food was synonymous with bad. Innovation and outside influence has vastly improved the culinary scene for aspiring foodie interns. Chocolate-lovers get excited: York has a 300 year history with chocolate making, and has been home to some of the biggest names in the game. England has been at the center of world history for centuries. York is 2000 years old! If you’re a history nerd looking to intern abroad, York is the place to be! As an extremely popular spot for tourists and travelers, an internship in York is a great way to learn about the tourism industry.

Short term internships and summer internships vs. long-term internships in York. If you’re hoping to intern abroad in York, you probably won’t want to leave once you arrive. It’s unlikely though that you’ll find a forever internship. Summer and short term internships are popular if you are still in school and looking for a productive way to spend your school breaks. You might even be able to earn college credit! However, if you’ve recently graduated or looking to change things up, a longer internship can give you a bit of insight into that field. Not every internship is paid, so the length of your placement may depend on your budget.

Unpaid vs. paid internships in York. Full disclosure, England is NOT the cheapest option for an internship abroad. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that cost of living in England is similar to the rest of Western Europe and parts of the United States. You have to go to Thailand to eat dinner on a street corner for $1. That being said, England is so worth it. Think tea and history and Harry Potter! Interning in York doesn’t have to break the bank. Many internships provide some sort of compensation. Some are paid, while others offer room and board or a transportation allowance. Check in with your university to see if there are any scholarships available.

Life in York for International Interns

It might not have the happening reputation of London (which is only a two hour train ride away), but there’s plenty to see, do, and taste in York. The Shambles, a little slice of medieval England, was voted Google’s Most Picturesque Street in Britain, and is full of restaurants, pubs, and shops. Stroll along the Shambles and you’ll be transported back to medieval England while enjoying that growing foodie scene and buying some souvenirs for the folks back home. 

Once you’ve had your fill of food and drink, take a walk along the 13th and 15th century city walls to work up an appetite… for chocolate! York has been a chocolate town for centuries, and you can learn all about it on a tour (with samples of course!). 

From York you can get to London, Manchester, and Leeds very easily. You can (and should!) check out the rest of Yorkshire too. As an intern in York, you’ll be working hard, but don’t forget to take time get to know all of the things that make your new temporary home so wonderful.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for Interns in York

As an intern abroad, remember you’ll be learning about more than just your chosen field. You’ll also have to learn about office and business etiquette in your new home. Luckily the language will not be an added obstacle. British business customs may be quite similar to what you’ve experienced at home. However, it’s a good idea to do a little research before you leave. When you get to your internship in York be polite, ask questions, and observe the people you work with to figure out best practices. 

Look both ways before crossing the street. It seems like a childish piece of advice but in the UK it could get tricky. You probably already know this, but the Brits drive on the left-hand side of the road, (In the US and Canada people drive on the right). So traffic patterns are going to be different than you’re used to. You might not notice, but your habit is probably to look left then right. In England get used to looking right first before stepping off that curb. Interning in York should be fun AND safe!

New York is the city that never sleeps, it’s got a lot of everything. York is the OG, and it’s a city worth exploring. While interning in York, you’ll gain valuable job experience and get to know a great, historic city. 

Check out our comprehensive guide on interning abroad in England for more advice about how to combine an internship with your love of tea and English accents.

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A Guide To
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