Electrical Engineering Internships Abroad

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A Guide to Electrical Engineering Internships Abroad

As our world becomes more fundamentally dependent upon the use of electronic and computing power, the work of electrical engineers has never been more important. They are the builders and custodians of a new infrastructure, one which continues to evolve and change the entire world in new and exciting ways. The work is plentiful and engineers are in high demand all over the globe; where will you choose to launch your career with an electrical engineering internship abroad?

Why Intern Abroad

The benefits of an electrical engineering internship abroad are plenty. Not only will you have the opportunity to travel and see the world while young, but  you will also be putting in some hard work and gaining valuable industry contacts all over the globe. Electrical engineering is a technical skillset that can take you many different places to do many different types of work; an internship abroad therein is simply a foot in the door to a lifetime’s journey of professional exploration.


Electrical engineers come in high demand all over the globe, so it’s no surprise that you can take your pick from many different locations for where you’d like to intern abroad. There are still a few factors which may strongly influence the shape of your internship though, which we will cover in this section.

First is the level of economic and infrastructural development in the country where you intern. For example the type of projects you will engage with as an electrical engineering intern abroad in developed countries such as Germany or Canada may be much different in scope than the work you will be doing in less developed countries such as India or Cameroon.

Second is the language barrier. While many internships abroad in electrical engineering require technical know-how more so than a linguistic skillset, you will still have to communicate effectively with the people you are working with. While many educated people around the world do speak English, countries such as Japan, Brazil, or France can still pose a linguistic hurdle to accessing many electrical engineering internships abroad.

Lastly, and this questions bears consideration, could you see yourself working abroad as an expatriate in the country where you intern? While it’s important not to get ahead of yourself, you never know where an internship abroad in electrical engineering may lead, so try to choose somewhere that you could see yourself working long-term in as well!

Intership Placements

Electrical engineers fill many different professional roles across a wide spectrum of industries. From engineering in digital computing to working as a project manager at a power plant, the career paths you can travel down as an electrical engineer are vast and varied. The same can be said about electrical engineering internships abroad; there are tons of potentialities for where you can go and what type of work you can be doing, so research widely and deliberate thoughtfully.

This further means that as an intern abroad in electrical engineering, you will be charged to hold many different types of responsibilities, depending on your prior experience and the specific work you are engaged in. Most generally you will work under the supervision of a project manager, simultaneously training in the skillsets required for industrial application while also contributing a volume of basic work toward production and development.

Electrical engineering internships abroad tend to last between three to six months, and different positions will require different levels of qualification (some employers may expect you to currently be pursuing a degree, some may expect you to hold an undergraduate degree, and some may expect you to hold an advanced degree). While not all internships abroad in electrical engineering are paid, you will almost always be compensated by some other means at the least, such as housing, meals, and a stipend.

Benefits & Challenges

Experience. The on-the-job training you will receive as an intern abroad in electrical engineering is only a small part of the journey’s ultimate value. Getting out and seeing the world in your formative years completes the picture.

Grow. Through your work and your travels, the amount of personal and professional growth you will undergo while you intern abroad in electrical engineering cannot be overstated. You’ll return a new person, ready to launch a successful career.

Adapt. Electrical engineering is a complex field, and adding onto it the demands of being a stranger in a strange land can make it all the more so. By juggling both during an internship abroad, you’ll prove you have more than what it takes to succeed in the industry.

Electrical engineering is a skillset that can take you quite literally anywhere in the world, wherein you will always be valued as an able contributor to local needs. The only question is then, where to start?

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A Guide To
Electrical Engineering Internships Abroad


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