Internships Abroad in All Other Regions of Ecuador

80 Internships Abroad in All Other Regions of Ecuador


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ELI Abroad

Established in 1979, Machalilla National Park covers more than 60,000 acres, encompassing the islands of La Plata and Salango, Playa Los Frailes, wet lands, dry forests, and fog forests. About 20,000 of these acres are the adjacent ocean, including the coral reef off of the coast. It’s a truly stunning landscape along Ecuador’s Pacific Coast. The ocean region of the park is a particularly ...


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Internships in Ecuador - Adelante Abroad

When you’re looking to gain professional experience to hone your skills while immersing in a new culture, take part in any of our internships in Ecuador! Adelante Abroad offers affordable international programs in Quito and Ambato. Available fields include law, human rights, marketing, medical, social work, teaching, equine veterinary, working with children, and psychology. Participate in an ...


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Projects Abroad

If you are studying Social Work or a related field and wish to gain some experience in a developing country, this is your chance! As a Social Work intern with Projects Abroad, you will be placed at a kindergarten to provide children with support, care, and a structured environment. You will not be working alone – throughout your internship, a professional social worker will be supervising you. ...


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CrossContinental offers affordable medical internship and volunteer programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Gain hands-on experience, improve your resume, enhance cultural understanding, and build global network. Work alongside doctors and nurses. Stay with a host family for culture and language immersion. Affordable program fees start from only USD180 (accommodation & meals included)....


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Child Family Health International

Learn about challenges in healthcare services for rural communities of the world, such as the town of Puyo on the border of the Amazon. Students will learn about the issues facing this region, including both cultural and socioeconomic elements like financial barriers, practices of traditional medicine, and remote location with no access to healthcare providers. Participants will witness efforts...


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Agroforestry & Environmental Internships in Ecuador

Graduate students and industry professionals are warmly invited to the Ecuadorian Amazon to conduct research in a number of areas related to sustainable development. Working with a dynamic NGO, indigenous communities and other researchers and consultants, you have the opportunity to help build a new, green industry in Ecuador that is already receiving national and international attention. Th...


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Pacific Discovery Ecuador & Galapagos Summer Program - 4 wks

This summer program offers you an enriching and inspiring month in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands combining one week of volunteer service learning, and three weeks of amazing educational adventure travel. Gain insight into the lives of indigenous Andean and Amazon communities. Immerse yourself in Spanish and improve your conversational ability. Participate in a worthwhile community-initiated...


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Global Nursing Volunteer Placement Programs

Take advantage of our unique nursing electives at International Medical Aid (IMA). These Global Nursing Volunteer Placements are catered towards your professional goals. You will have the chance to work in an international hospital while receiving mentoring from our staff of healthcare professionals. Most hospitals in developing countries lack nurses; hence, your participation in this progra...


Ecuador Medical Internship

Ecuador is a pocket-sized slice of beautiful South America. Despite its diminutive size, it is bursting with vibrant culture, mesmerizing landscapes, exotic tropical wildlife and pristine habitats. Including the all-consuming emerald rain-forests of the Amazon, it is rich in rare and endangered species. Your internship offers a period of apprenticeship where you can work off-campus to gain v...


Fair Trade Internship in the Amazon Rainforest

Join our Fair Trade Internship in the Amazon Rainforest, where you take part in a one-of-a-kind tea project. It focuses on conservation, cultural preservation, and sustainable economic development through direct involvement with indigenous farmers and their families. It brings back the cultivation of a holly plant, which is native to the Amazon Rainforest and is used for making tea. Aside from ...