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Interning Abroad in Prague

Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Prague has been a rapidly growing cultural and economic center of Europe. Seated in the heart of the continent, the city has had a long history of local influence and today it has bounced back to once again become one of the largest and most important cities in Europe. International firms continue to flood into its emerging markets, and it is now ranked an Alpha- Global City. Internships in Prague place interns in a rebellious city with architectural beauty, historical richness, and rapidly advancing global prospects.

Internships in Prague

Due to the city’s increasingly influential position in the world, internships in Prague are available in a broad range of areas. Many international businesses have European headquarters in Prague, and it is also a central hub of scientific research in the Czech Republic. This means that there are professional internships in Prague in almost any field, from Media, Marketing, and Communications to Engineering, Medicine, and Information Technology are all possible to land in the Czech Capital.

The city is also infamous for its counterculture legacy, and in addition to the wild nightlife you will also find here a thriving Music and Arts scene. From the magnificent historical architecture to the graffiti splattered walls to the immense diversity of modern museums, artsy types from classical to cutting edge will find an enriching culture in Prague to begin their vocational pursuits.

There are many opportunities to intern in Prague which do not require you to speak the Czech language. International business is often conducted in German or English, so make certain to organize an internship in Prague in a program that is compatible with your language abilities. Disclaimer for interning abroad in Prague: although many locals speak at least basic English, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to pick up some basic Czech phrases while working in the Czech Republic especially if you want to befriend locals!

Internships in Prague are offered year-round, and typically last two to six months. College students should consider interning in Prague in the summertime, when the weather is balmy and won’t cut into your academic semesters. Recent graduates might be better of pursuing a longer term internship and embracing Prague in the glory of all its seasons. Although winters can be gray and dreary, the city is arguably even more beautiful laden in snow rather than sunshine.

Life in Prague

Prague is rated as one of the most livable cities in Europe, and for good reason. The city is simultaneously laid back and exciting, trend-setting and historically fascinating,  and heavily influenced by both Eastern and Western Europe. Interns in Prague will face no shortage of culturally enriching opportunities, both professionally and during leisure time, to make their time in the city a matchlessly fun and rewarding experience.

The city’s many attractions include the Prague Castle, Jewish quarters, Charles Bridge, John Lennon wall, and Franz Kafka museum. Indeed there is a little bit of something for everybody, and turning around every corner the city will never cease to surprise you.  When you become tired of exploring (which might take quite some time), invite some friends to a tavern in Wenceslas Square and kick back to live musical performances with one of the finest brewed beers in the world. 

Prague has a very good public transportation system which will take you most places throughout the city via bus or metro. It is also very walkable, and depending on the distance between your lodging and your internship in Prague, the city will make a very pleasant backdrop for a morning and evening stroll. Working in one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world, and embracing all its nooks and crannies, you will find yourself re-inspired during every day interning in Prague.

Salary & Costs

Due to European labor laws, most internships in Prague will be unpaid unless you obtain a work visa. Many internship programs will compensate interns in other ways however, usually involving a combination of housing, meals, and a stipend. Your likelihood of landing a paid internship in Prague and a subsequent work visa increases with the profitability of the industry you are interning in.

While Prague is a popular tourist destination, it is certainly not the most expensive European city to live in. Emerging from decades behind the iron curtain, the city’s economy has been forced to play catch up in recent history, meaning prices in most places will not reflect the soaring cost of living in other European countries. Learn how to shop and eat locally, while efficiently using public transportation, and you should be fine financially during your internship in Prague.

Accommodations & Visas

Most interns in Prague choose to live in apartments or flats, but homestays are also made available by some programs, it all depends on the length of your internship. You will save money by living with roommates and away from the city’s downtown areas. Many intern abroad programs in Prague will help you to organize housing and link you up with fellow interns, but it is also very possible to find lodging and roommates online through listing websites.

You will only need to apply for a visa to intern in Prague if your internship exceeds three months or if you are receiving a salary. Most host employers will help to organize the visa with you, however. For more information about the Czech visa policy toward your nationality, contact a Czech embassy or consulate in your home country (check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory to locate one).

Benefits & Challenges

Prague is one of the best cities in the world to live in as a young professional. The appeal of its increasing wealth of international job opportunities is rivaled only by the spirited and restless culture which turns every day into an exciting personal adventure. Interning abroad in Prague is your chance to launch a successful international career, while also growing as an individual and experiencing life in another country and culture.

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