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Get TEFL Certified & Get Paid to Teach English in Costa Rica

Interested in getting paid to travel the world? By earning your accredited TEFL certification with International TEFL Academy, you can teach English in Costa Rica & in 80+ countries worldwide. Known for its stunning tropical beauty, world class beaches, and the warm hospitality of its people, Costa Rica represents one of the hottest job markets for teaching English in Latin America. A sol...


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Take part in a Theater program that provides interns with a holistic perspective of theatre production, spanning storyboarding to post-production analysis. The program offers a great way to interact with and understand local communities and the staff members. Interns also gain cultural insight into what makes each place unique. Many of the theaters we work with rely on intern/volunteer labor...


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Social Justice and Development Internship Program Costa Rica

Costa Rica is perhaps best known for its ecological diversity and the abolition of its army. In lieu of a military, it has an "army" of teachers and healthcare workers, positioning Costa Rica uniquely in the region in terms of human development. In addition to internships in education and the public health sector, ICADS' internship program offers over 65 placements in areas of areas of environm...


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Science Communication Internship

Spend 10 weeks learning and teaching about insects in Costa Rica at the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens! We use an informal and hands on approach to teaching people about how cool bugs really are. Volunteers from all over the world are trained to guide people through 4 butterfly habitats, a leaf cutter ant colony and a collection of live insects from Costa Rica. What you do: ● 1 hour English ...