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Tourism & Hospitality internships in Colombia

Intern with a global tour operator in Colombia that provides personalized and tailor-made tours to high-profile clientele through World Internships. The host company offers adventure, cultural, ecological, and leisure travel, and specializes in a wide range of golf tour courses at some of the most prestigious clubs in Colombia. The company has been operating for more than 20 years, and is capab...


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Paid TEFL Internship in Colombia (fluent speakers welcome)!

Arrive in Colombia to 5* accommodation for orientation before you settle into your teaching location. Fluent and native English speakers are welcomed to this program! This is an amazing opportunity to teach children, teenagers or adults at government schools throughout Colombia. Be astonished by the South America's most captivating and charismatic country with this 5, 6 or 11 months teaching...


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Dentistry/Pre-Dentistry Internships Abroad

Whether you are a pre-dentistry student or a professional, International Medical Aid (IMA) offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in your choice location. We have Global Dentistry Volunteer Placements for pre-dentistry and dental school students as well as dental hygienists and dentists. Together with these experts from around the globe, you will work in a busy healthcare setting. At the same ...


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Incredible Volunteering in Colombia: Costs from USD 270

Spend time in Colombia lending a hand to those in need. From childcare to construction and renovation work, volunteers are always needed and appreciated. International Volunteer HQ offers an experience that will change lives. International Volunteer HQ runs programs in both Bogota and Cartagena, with a wide range of projects for volunteers to choose from. BOGOTA - Teaching - Childcare ...


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Internships in Colombia (Intern Colombia)

Intern Colombia provides first-class internships in Colombia combined with an unforgettable, authentic, and intercultural experience. The organization covers 24 academic disciplines, and partners exclusively with multinationals, startups, International Trade Organizations, NGOs, and SMEs. Colombia is the rising star of Latin America and its economy is booming, making it the perfect destination ...


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Film Internships in Colombia

We're looking for talented interns to work with Latin America's best film companies in summer 2016. Program participants will be based in Bogota, Colombia, and should be ambitious, enthusiastic, and keen to develop practical and technical production skills through hands-on work experience. The program offers wide range of specialisations, enabling participants to choose from production, camera,...


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Intern in Colombia with IENA

Sign up for a Cultural Exchange in Colombia and acquire a genuine cultural experience while teaching English in a Colombian school or university. Create activities that will help students improve and strengthen their English language skills. Applicants are assigned in schools, universities, and institutions around the Colombian territory. No previous teaching experience or Spanish language skil...


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Development, Sustainability & Happiness

“True believers impose their view on the world and fulfil their own prophecies”, Karl Weick. Sustainable development is key to our future. Global cooperation is vital for solving problems like poverty, inequality, pollution, exploitation etc. That is why we´ve created the “Emerging Market Initiatives”. Spend your summer in Colombia and impose your view on the world to create economical...