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A Guide to Internships Abroad in Xi'an

Formerly the capital of China, Xi’an remains one of the nation’s key cities and continues to significantly contribute to the development of China as a whole. Therefore, opportunities to intern in Xi’an are limitless. Almost any individual that is interested in Chinese culture and wants to gain meaningful work experience outside the nation’s mega cities will find an internship in Xi’an that is an incredibly tempting option. 

Internships in Xi'an

As one of China’s greatest economic contributors, Xi’an delivers a respectable amount of financial gains through its engineering, tourism, and technology industries. These three industries are consequently the top industries for internships in Xi’an, in terms of both quantity and quality. Although certain fields, like education, also host a number of internship opportunities in Xi’an.

Engineering. The manufacturing industry produces a great deal of the city’s overall economic contribution. With skyrocketing production quotas comes almost limitless opportunities for foreigners to intern in Xi’an, whether in mechanical, civil, chemical, or electrical engineering. Private organizations and companies also often accept engineering interns. Foreign interns will not only hone their skills in the field of engineering, they will also learn about the manufacturing industry in Xi’an and Chinese organizational management techniques.

Tourism. As one of the ancient capitals of China, Xi’an has many cultural and historical sites that attract thousands of tourists every year. It is safe to say that the tourism industry in Xi’an is continuously growing too, along with the rise of modern structures and amenities throughout the city. Therefore, the Chinese government and some private associations have given a premium focus to the tourism industry, which includes encouraging companie to accept foreign interns. Tourism internships in Xi’an usually offer stellar program packages, which include skills trainings, resulting in extremely valuable work experience in the field. 

Technology. A large portion of the booming economy in Xi’an has resulted from the progressive technology industry. In one of the most influential regions in the world when it comes to technological advances and innovation, interns are sure to gain a great deal of insight through technology internships in Xi’an.

Life in Xi'an

Living in Xi’an requires quite a bit of effort, in order to successfully adapt to the Chinese culture and way of life. Since Xi’an is one of the four ancient capitals of China, the nation’s historical traditions are evident throughout the city. Nearly every part of Xi’an is greatly influenced by the ancient Chinese culture. It can sometimes be hard for foreign cultures to infiltrate this strong, ancient city that is encompassed in thousand year old traditions. Xi’an is also literally surrounded by walls that were constructed before the 14th century to close it off from the rest of the country. These walls are a definitive part of the city’s landscape, and some of the longest ancient walls in the world.

Xi’an is a popular tourism destination, making it an even better place for interns with a desire to spend their free time checking out the nation’s top tourist sites. One of China’s most iconic tourist destinations is located in Xi’an: the Terracotta Warriors. But many other sites are worth visiting too, included the Xi’an City Walls, Banpo Museum, and the Chui Hua Mountains, which are all very accessible from almost any part of the city.

Xi’an is filled with a very effective transportation system, which includes trains, buses, and taxi cabs. The fare for any of the latter forms of transportation is cheap; therefore, it is will be easy for interns to visit the city’s historical sites on their free time.

Another beautiful thing about Xi’an is that it is also filled with modern day amenities, such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs. Interns will be able to find something to keep them busy any time of the day and enjoy a range of leisure activities for quite minimal costs.

It is also important to note that there is a temperate climate in Xi’an, influenced by the East Asian Monsoon. Therefore, there is a semi-arid and humid subtropical climate to the city year round. 

Salary & Costs

The cost of living in Xi’an is quite affordable, from apartments to groceries to transportation. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the center of the city costs an average of $300 per month. While the average cost for an apartment outside the center of the city is much cheaper, with units available for as low as $50 per month. Regardless of where interns decide to live, groceries can cost as little as $40 a month. However, eating out can be extremely cheap, with a meal at an inexpensive local restaurant costing only $2. For those with a more expensive budget, nicer restaurants offer three-course meals for only $15, for two people. 

In terms of transportation, the monthly cost of daily bus rides will add up to only $8. Although taxis are slightly more expensive, they are still far more affordable than taxis in other large cities around the world.

Overall, it is safe to say that interns will be able to keep up a comfortable lifestyle in Xi’an without much of a hassle financially. However, internships in Xi’an that offer compensation or a monthly stipend are still obviously advantageous. The average monthly stipend for internships in Xi’an is around $300, which is a pretty reasonable wage considering monthly expenses, especially for those that have accommodation provided.

Accommodation & Visas

The visa policy in China is strict to say the least, but it has recently changed some of its policies especially with regard to foreign interns. There is minor ambiguity in the acquisition of visas because of this new system, which was only implemented in 2013. It is still possible to obtain both paid and unpaid internships in China, as long as you acquire special internship visas: the M Visa or the X Visa.

The M Visa is for business and work internships in China, so applicants are allowed to receive pay for their work. However, this type of visa must be carefully secured, since some companies still issue the previously valid F Visa, because it was the visa used for all internships in China until 2013. On the other hand, X Visas can be obtained for internships in Xi’an that are combined with coursework. Other visas, such as the Tourist Visa, are not valid for use during internships in Xi’an.

For most internships in Xi’an, accommodation will be provided as part of packaged programs, and therefore accommodation costs will be included in program fees as well. If accommodation is not provided along with your internship in Xi’an, there are plenty of affordable apartments for rent. Apartments in Xi’an vary in size and design, but are usually a studio-style apartments meant for one to two people. But there are three to four person apartments available in Xi’an too.

Benefits & Challenges

Culture & History. What makes Xi’an more exciting is its ancient Chinese culture , which also happens to be significantly influencing a large fraction of the globe. There are plenty of remarkable historic and tourist spots for interns to see during their internship in Xi’an.

Affordability. One of the great things about sightseeing in Xi’an is that tourist spots are both accessible and affordable to visit. Basically anything in Xi’an can be availed at a relatively low price.

Pollution. The few disadvantages of internships in Xi’an include air pollution, caused by industrialization, and noise at all hours of the day and night, caused by the large population and constantly honking drivers. 

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